May 21, 2024
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Aggretsuko Season 4: Renewed? Will Love Bloom Between Haido And Retsuko? Know Details

Aggretsuko Season 4

Aggretsuko has thoroughly been entertaining its fans with more anime drama. Will it get any chance to present Aggretsuko Season 4 on the screen? If yes, then what new challenges will the story bring for Retsuko? We have brought up all the updates regarding the coming fate of the show. Scroll to know all.


Aggretsuko is a Japanese musical comedy anime series of Netflix. The series’ original title is ‘Aggressive Retsuko.’ The plot of the story revolves around the character of Retsuko. She is a 25-year-old single anthropomorphic red panda. We see her working in a Japanese trading firm. Retsuko tries her best to get a promotion and excel but is always brought down by the pushy superiors. Therefore, she is not able to enjoy her work life and gets frustrated. She finds a perfect way to release all her anger. 

Retsuko goes to a bar every night and sings death metal in order to release all chaos of her mind. Slowly, we see the character finding her way to attain happiness in life. Indeed, she thinks of getting married and raising a family. But, life does not seem to be easy for her. She finds herself in yet another trouble, and things turn differently. Let us see what new challenges will Aggretsuko Season 4 bring to the character’s life.

Aggretsuko Season 4: Renewed?

The third installment of the series dropped on August 27, 2020. Ever since the release, fans have been wondering about the coming of the fourth one. The platform hasn’t yet renewed the fourth season of Aggretsuko. But, we have a positive hope towards the renewal. The show will definitely get more chances to provide entertainment to the fans. 

Moreover, the third season ended on many cliffhangers, which is needed to be cleared. Therefore, we speculate that Aggretsuko Season 4 get the renewal, but it is still unknown.

Aggretsuko Season 4

Relationship Between Haido And Retsuko?

The third installment ended on a note where the story has let the viewers wondering whether there will be blooming love between the two or not. We would love to see the relationship of Haido and Retsuko. But, there isn’t any surety of the developing relationship yet. The ending of the previous season has shown Retsuko thinking of giving a chance to Haido. Let us hope for it to happen.

Aggretsuko Season 4: Cast And Crew

We are expecting to see everyone back again. The English voice casts of the characters will be the same as before. We will see Jamison Boaz as Retsuko, Josh Petersdorf as Director Ton, Katelyn Gault as Fenneko, Ben Diskin as Haida, G. K. Bowes as Director Gori, and Tsunoda, Tara Platt as Ms. Washimi, Mistu Lee as Kabae, SungWon Cho as Hyodo and many others.

Aggretsuko Season 4: Release Date

We can not expect the release of Aggretsuko Season 4 to be around anytime soon. There has always been a great gap between the two seasons. Therefore, the same is going to happen with the fourth one. It is speculated to come around the mid or fall of 2021. Let us further wait for some official announcement. Till then, stay updated and informed with us.

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