Matthew Gray Gubler's Wife

Who Is Matthew Gray Gubler’s Wife? Everything To Learn About The Love Life Of Criminal Mind’s Actor

Matthew Gray Gubler is a very famous American TV personality. The actor has dated several women over the past years. Therefore everyone is always showing interest in his love life and wants to know who is Matthew Gray Gubler’s Wife. The fans desperately want to know whether he is married and has any wife or not. If you’re also curious to know about his love life, keep reading to know everything. 

Matthew Gray Gubler was born on March 9, 1980. He is a multi-talented human. He is an actor, model, filmmaker, illustrator, painter, author, and director. Matthew is renowned is for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. He directed several episodes of this show as well. Matthew not only acted but also gave his voice to several characters in famous TV shows. 

Matthew Gray Gubler's Wife

Matthew Gray Gubler Several Past Relationships!

Gubler is a very good dater in his real-life, unlike his reel life. And he revealed this thing himself. His previous relationships are also supporting this statement. Before 2005, Matthew was reportedly dating a famous model Charlotte Kemp. Both of them also made several red carpet appearances together. This relationship made a lot of controversies as Charlotte was only 16 years old at the beginning of that relationship. They broke up sometime in 2005. After this split, his name was linked with Marisa Morris. He reportedly dated this actress from 2008 to 2010. 

In 2010, Matthew went on to date the keyboard player of the Cobra Starship, Victoria Asher. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and the couple broke up in the same year. The next name in this list is the name of the famous model Ali Michael. Both of them dated for quite a while before splitting up in 2013.

Ali Michael

Was Matthew In A Relationship With Taylor Swift?

After he breaks up with Ali, Matthew’s name was linked with a high profile singer Taylor Swift. She also had a break up with singer Harry Styles. The two of them were spending a lot of time together in 2013. The fans also spotted them together in public a lot of times. At that time, there were a lot of rumors that these two stars are in a relationship. However, it is still not clear whether the two were in a relationship or just spent some time together.

Matthew Gray Gubler's Wife

Matthew Long Term Relationship With Kat Dennings!

Among all of Matthew’s relationships, the one that got the most attention is his relationship with Kat Dennings. The actress is renowned for her role in 2 Broke Girls and is currently playing the lead in Dollface. Both these stars were serious for each other when they were dating. However, this relationship with Mathew Gray Gubler also didn’t last long, and they broke up. But they remained good friends and also did a movie (Suburban Gothic) together after their split. 

Matthew Gray Gubler's Wife

Who Is Matthew Gray Gubler’s Wife?

Currently, there is no one whom we can call Matthew Gray Gubler’s Wife. Many of his fans thought Matthew and Kat would end up being together. However, that didn’t happen. Plus, there has not been any news of him being in a relationship with anyone. So at present, it is likely that he is single or keeping his relationship a secret. 


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