June 18, 2024
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The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12: “Where Death Lives,” Two Powers To Join Hands, Know More Details

The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12

The CW’s ‘The Outpost’ has been bringing more power and thrill in its ongoing season. However, things are going to take surprising turns ahead. Fans might witness the joining of hands of two big powers in The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12. Moreover, the series is not taking its winter break. Therefore, all you need to do this holiday is to sit tight and binge-watch your favorite drama series. There are chances of coming up with painful truths.


The series has been thoroughly entertaining its fans with fantasy-adventure drama. We hope for the same scenario from the coming episodes. There’s some good news for all the fans of The Outpost. Scroll to know all the latest updates.

The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12: ‘Where Death Lives’

The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12 is entitled “Where Death Lives.” It is directed by Milan Todorovic whereas written by Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin. The episode will bring the story of the preparation for battle. Additionally, the plot will include powers, clashes, truth, bitterness, as well as the action it. So, better be ready for a whole package of drama.

The episode’s official synopsis reads, “Talon and Zed learn painful truths about their relatives. Tobin makes a heroic rescue, and Yavalla’s horde grows as The Outpost prepares for battle.” Things are going to take drastic turns. There will be power clashes and a lot of adventure in the episode.

The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12

Two Powerful Women Joining Hands!

There have been hints in the previous story that two powerful women will join hands. With Two escaping the prison, we can expect her to be one of the two women. However, we have seen Yavalla’s power previously. She has been destroyed several times. But, Yavalla always stood up to be stronger.

If she joins hands with Two, then both will become the strongest of all. Indeed, the two of them will make a terrific team. We have to see who will come against them to fight with them. Let us further wait for The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12 to bring more content and action in the series.

Who Holds The Power?

The series’ power story has been increasing the interest of the fans. However, the story gives us a clue about Talon’s father holding the power of kinj. He has separated and secluded himself. This may be one of the reasons for hiding himself from coming out in public. However, it is just speculation and theory. We have to wait for the release of the episode to unravel all the covered stories.

The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12: Release Date

We have got some good news for The Outpost’s fans. The series is not taking a winter break. Therefore, you will enjoy the new adventure and thrill this holiday. The Outpost Season 3 Episode 12 will come to the screens on December 27, 2020. However, the thirteenth one, ‘Violence is Futile,’ will be there on January 3, 2021. We will further update our space with more information.

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