May 26, 2024
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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8: “High on The Bog,” Know What’s Coming For The Treasure Seekers

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8

Are you done with the seventh episode and looking towards The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8? If yes, then we have got all the latest updates for you. There will be yet another thrilling journey and findings ahead. The Laginas are struggling to solve many mysteries. However, we will see their findings getting answers along with more mysteries coming on the way. Will the geometric figure of last episode lead to some treasure? Let us find out what’s coming ahead.


The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8: Upcoming Storyline

The eighth episode of the season is entitled “High on The Bog.” All the theories of treasure and the road taken are getting wilder in Season Eight. However, things will also take more turns ahead. Although, there isn’t any revelation about the future storyline. But, we expect the Laginas to bring more fun just like the previous episodes and seasons.

Moreover, things won’t be normal this season. Several things are done till now, which were never opted before. Let’s wait for the thrill to arrive on the screen.

What Have We Watched Till Now?

The last released episode of the season was “Mounding Evidence

.” The swamp has been holding numerous unique elements in it. However, the hosts keep looking for the burnt ship inside it. There was fun in this episode as the swamp held a number of riddles in it.

We have seen the cast members solving all of them to come closer to the hidden treasure. There are also some anomaly treasures lying inside the pit. Furthermore, the search for a Money pit still continues. The members use the roadway to reach the seas. They have been making theory about the roadway being used by the treasure carriers to unload it.

We have to wait for the hosts to make more discoveries ahead further. The interpretation of the theory behind the Chinese coin still goes on. Let us wait for the release of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8’s eighth episode to bring more clarifications and discoveries.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8: Release Date

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 8 is there on the edge of release. The premiere of the episode will be on December 29, 2020, at 9/8c on History Channel. Get ready to be High on the Bog.

You can watch the same on Direct TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and Philo TV. However, there are also other options like Hulu and Amazon Prime Videos. Keep watching and be updated in this space with us.

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