Wanted Season 4

Wanted Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled? Everything To Know About It

Wanted Season 4: Back in 2016, Netflix brought in an Australian show, Wanted, to the platform. Three seasons into the show, fans have been looking forward to Wanted Season 4. The first three seasons of the Australian drama bagged mixed reviews from critics and viewers.

Created by Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell, the show is an excellent drama with a number of twists and turns. What’s next for it? Will Wanted Season 4 happen? Here are all the details about it-

What Has Happened So Far?

The story sees Lola and Chelsea, who at the starting of the show seem to be waiting at a small bus stop like they usually do. Things change when one night they witness a car crash. Two masked men come in to shoot the driver. In the time, a struggle starts where the gun goes off, and one of the masked men ends up killed.

Both Lola and Chelsea are then taken hostage by another masked man. The two women then run away to end up in an even messier situation. They understand that they would have to flee across Australia. Police start chasing these women. Actual criminals who really committed the crime are instead out to get their money back. A bunch of corrupt officers helps these criminals in this act.

Actress Rebecca Gibney plays the character of Lola, who is an attractive old woman with a shady past. She manages to hold on to her big heart in spite of everything she has gone through. Actress Geraldine Hakewille portrays the younger and neurotic Chelsea.

Both these actresses are quite successful in bringing a good onscreen presence that keeps viewers hooked. Wanted started with a familiar show vibe that uses a quite common approach. However, soon the story changes become fast and enter into a twisted tale.

Wanted Season 4: What’s Coming Up Next?

The third season sees Lola and Chelsea as they regain their freedom through witness protection. Things go south when trouble finds these ladies again. Both of these ladies go on the run again after being pursued by Detective Max Middleton. On their run, they come across a group of some very dangerous people. These people are involved in the human smuggling operation.

Lola and Chelsea once again decide to risk their lives and freedom to help the people in need of their help. Wanted Season 4 must pick up from here. It might show how these women help these people. Will detective Max be able to track them down? What will be the fate of the two of them? Wanted season 4 might come bearing all these answers indeed. 

When Would It Release?

Wanted first premiered on Seven Networks in Australia in 2016. Soon after that, Netflix picked up the show. The latest season, season three, aired in 2018, and ever since then, fans have been waiting for more. It has been two years, and there has been absolutely no news about Wanted season 4.

Wanted Season 4

The closest of what we have heard from Gibney. In an interview, she praised co-star Hakewill that she is a great person. It is great to have her on the set. They are very lucky to have her in their lives, and she always wants to have her regardless they do Wanted Season 4 or not.

This statement did not give much information on the renewal status of the show. Given how long it has been, we suggest that fans must not wait for Wanted Season 4. We will update this space with any news that comes about the show. So, you keep an eye on this space.


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