May 30, 2024
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Doctor Who Season 13: Jodie Shares Filming Moments! Know Who’s Returning And Release Date

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who Season 13 was filmed way before lockdown. It’s been too long for the makers to keep the plot a secret. But, this secret is finally ready to unravel in front of the audience. Things are going to take turns. However, fans will be waving goodbye to some of the characters in the coming season. Let us further see what newness is waiting ahead.


Doctor Who is a science fiction drama. Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson are the creators of the show. We see the story revolving around the Time Lord called “The Doctor.” The Doctor travels time with the help of the spaceship called ‘TARDIS.’ However, this machine has a vast interior but looks small from the outside. Doctor’s many incarnations help out innocent people. 

The character does not travel alone and is often accompanied by one or the other members. Therefore, traveling through time and having many incarnations has provided The Doctor with many enemies. Let us further see what fate will Doctor Who Season 13 brings to the series.

Filming, A Strange Moment!

Filming has been a strange moment for the makers. Jodie shares her experience in an interview with Radio Times. The makers wrapped up the production process way before Halloween 2019. It’s almost been a year now.

It’s also been long since the fans know about the departure of Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole. The makers weren’t able to hide much from the fans. It was hard for Jodie to keep these secrets under the wrap.

Moreover, there has been a significant gap in the filming process because of the lockdown. But, the cast and crew soon got back in the studio. It’s been a strange moment for everyone. It’s been an emotional as well as a sad time for everyone. But, things are now at a normal pace, and we hope for a better future ahead.

Doctor Who Season 13: Thirteenth Doctor Returning

The thirteenth Doctor, i.e., Jodie Whittaker will be returning to the upcoming season. The character herself confirms the new to EW. She says, “I’m doing another season. It might be a massive exclusive that I’m not supposed to say, but it’s unhelpful for me to say because it would be a massive lie! At some point, those shoes are going to be handed on, but it’s not yet.” The Doc tor will still be clinging to it.

Moreover, fans won’t be seeing the return of Graham and Ryan in Doctor Who Season 13. The characters will be leaving the series by the end of the festival special.

Michelle Gomez will probably be coming back to the season. He expresses the desire to pop into the series. Let us further wait for more characters to make their appearance.

Doctor Who Season 13: Premiere Date

The number of episodes of the coming season has been cut down from 11 to 8. It is all because of the Pandemic restrictions. The makers have been facing many problems during the filming process. Moreover, we speculate the release to be in 2021. Let us further wait for the date announcement. Till then, keep watching, and we will keep updating you here.

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