June 18, 2024
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Pose Season 3: Delayed? Billy Porter Shares About Scenes Not Filmed, Know Details

Pose Season 3

Is Pose Season 3 delayed? It seems like it. The production of some scenes of the season is pushed forward due to the coronavirus situation. However, things are somewhat getting back to normal. But, the makers want to wait for the vaccine so as to start shooting with such a significant number of people in one room. Let us further discover the forthcoming elements of the season.


Pose is a drama series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals. The story of the show features African-American, Latino LGBTQ, and ball culture in it. However, the show brings up the juxtaposition of several segments of people in New York. The subject which the makers have chosen to show on the screen is rare. Therefore, it’s been loved by all.

Pose Season 3

Furthermore, we see the characters suffering from HIV positive and aids. They are going through a difficult life. Although, some among them become the activist and attends frequent fundraisers and funerals. It seems that the series is hit by Aids Pandemic. Let us further see what more new storyline the series will be bringing ahead.

Pose Season 3: Delayed?

Every TV series and show has been pushed further due to the Pandemic. The same seems to be happening with Pose Season 3. The cast and crew members are facing difficulty in filming. However, they do not want to take a chance and put themselves along with the crew in jeopardy. 

Billy Porter describes to TVLine the ongoing production process. The makers have been shooting the season. But things are now delayed for a bit because they are unable to shoot the balls scenes. Billy says, “We have not shot any of the balls yet. We have been shooting the work scene, and I believe, for the ball sequences, that we’re waiting to hopefully be shooting them inside some vaccine situation so that we can have such number of people in the room.”

Indeed, we think the shooting may take place sometime in 2021. It will probably lead in the delay of premiere.

Season To Move A Few Year Ahead

Steven Canals told TV Guide that the coign season of the series would be moving forward to 1994. The viewers will see the acceptance power of New York. The changing years will certainly change people and their stories. Steven makes the revelation that Blanca will be finding love ahead. But, things might be challenging for the character instead of being all hunky-dory.

She will have to deal with being both a mom and a partner; as both need equal time. The story will include emotional drama in it. Let us further wait to see the character managing different roles at the same time.

Pose Season 3

Pose Season 3: Release Date

Pose Season 3 was initially set to premiere in 2020. But, all plans dropped because of the coronavirus. Furthermore, we can expect the premiere to be by the fall of 2021. We will further keep you informed with more updates in this space. Till then, keep watching.

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