May 30, 2024
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Moon Lovers Season 2: When Will It Release? Know All Updates

Moon Lovers Season 2

All the lovers have loved Moon Lovers. Well, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Moon Lovers Season 2. It’s almost been more than four years ever since the premiere of the series. Will, there be more of the seasons ahead, or has the platform canceled the show? Let us discover more about the fate of Moon Lovers.


Moon Lovers is a South Korean TV series. It is based on the Chinese novel named Bu Bu Jing Xin. The story starts with the time-traveling of a 25-year-old 21st-century woman. She gets transferred to the year 941 in the body of Hae Soo. She grows up in the reign of King Taejo.

Furthermore, we see her character falling in love with the 8th prince Wang Wook and later with the fourth Prince Wang So. The later one always hides his face behind a mask and is therefore given the name of “wolf dog.” Hae Soo adjusts to the new environment and slowly learns the palace politics. However, the plot also includes the fight for the throne. Read more to know what will be the upcoming plot of Moon Lovers Season 2.

Moon Lovers Season 2: Renewed?

The series first came upon the floor on August 27, 2016. The series’ drama has been the most famous of all the South Korean dramas. However, the average nation wise rating of the show was 7.6% and 7.3 % for TNMS. These ratings were at first considered to be poor.

On the contrary, the show had 1.1 billion views in China, whereas, had the highest rating in Singapore and Malaysia. The rating further increased to 8 billion. It became the most expensive show of the Korean drama. The journey of the series has been a record-breaking one. Therefore, we focus more on the ratings; then the series should certainly have a second season.

Although, the show hasn’t yet got the renewal of its second season. The main reason behind not being renewed is the low rating of the series in Korea. So, all that we can do now is have the patience for a better future ahead.

Moon Lovers Season 2

Cast And Crew

If renewed, the second installment will have all the old faces back. There will be Lee Joon-gi as Wang So, Lee Ji-Eun as Go Ha-jin, and Kang Ha-Neul as Wang Wook as the lead characters. There are a few other supporting actors like Kim San-ho as Prince Wang Mu, Hong Jong-hyun as Wanng Yo, and more.

Upcoming plot

The second season will certainly bring more love and romance on the screen. But, every good thing has its own side-effects. The same will be the case with the story of Moon Lovers Season 2. We speculate more bumps in the life of Hae-Soo.

Moon Lovers Season 2: Premiere Status

There isn’t any particular date for the premiere of Moon Lovers Season 2. However, if renewed this year, we can speculate the release to be around 2022. Fans have loved the drama worldwide. But, the only problem it has is its original country’s rating. Let us further wait for any good announcement ahead. Till then, stay linked in this space with us.

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