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Small Axe Season 2: BBC Hints The Fate Of Season 2, Know Major Details Below

Small Axe has recently wrapped its debut season. However, fans are wondering whether Small Axe Season 2 is on its way or not. Well, the groundbreaking end of the saga has gained immense love from the audience as well as critics. But, it raised everyone’s expectations regarding Small Axe Season 2. However, recently BBC announced their plans for Small Axe Season 2. Well, let’s see whether fans would be delighted with the upcoming news or not.

Small Axe, created by Steve McQueen, is an anthology film series on BBC One and Amazon Prime Video. It follows the life of West Indian immigrants during the 1960s and 1970s in London. However, all five films were not connected to each other and told the story of immigrants in London. Till now, the series has shared the novelist Alex Weatle’s life and the Mangrove cafe’s real story. However, the prime focus of the show was on describing the struggle that West Indians had faced at that time.

Small Axe Season 2: Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

As of now, the BBC hasn’t renewed Small Axe Season 2. Despite its enormous success and past five weeks collection, BBC is still wondering about the fate of the second season. Well, many fans are deliberately waiting for the network’s decision. However, in a recent interview, BBC said that they have no plans for Season 2, even there’s no official announcement regarding the second season.

BBC Executive Producer Looking For The Second Season

Recently, Lucy Richer, BBC’s Senior Drama Commissioner and Executive Producer speak about Small Axe Season 2. She said that they are considering Small Axe as a stand-alone anthology film series. Further, they are proud of Small Axe and its creative way to portray the diversified stories in one single frame. But, at present, they aren’t looking for Season 2. However, if the creator Steve McQueen wished to return to the BBC with some broader spectrum stories. Then they would be glad to welcome him.

Small Axe Season 2: When It Will Go On Production?

Lucy has said that there are plenty of stories to be told, and she believed that Steve would attractively bring them. She added Steve is a visionary creator and director. But, considering the first season, it took almost ten years to complete their filming. Thus, if they come up with Season 2, then chances are more that it would take another ten years to wrap up the season.

However, the network has yet to announce the official filming and renewal of Small Axe Season 2. Further, at present, Season 2 hasn’t gone on the scripting stage. Thus, it indicates that fans have to wait a lot to know the release date of Season 2.

Small Axe Season 2: Will The Original Cast Return?

Well, the first season included John Boyega, Sharlene Whyte, and Letitia Wright. However, it’s unclear whether the main cast would return in the second season. As for Steve, every film focused on the different storyline of different characters. Thus, we can expect that Small Axe Season 2 would introduce some new faces.

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