Batwoman Season 2

Batwoman Season 2: New Poster Hints Changes In Batwoman’s Style, What Will Happen?

The latest poster of Batwoman Season 2 hints that the Arrowverse show has completely changed the style of Ryan Wilder’s hairstyle. Well, the Batwoman Season 2 will serve as the spinoff of Kate Kane’s Batwoman. Lately, Batwoman star Ruby Rose shocked her fans by departing from The CW series. However, Ruby’s role is completely going to disappear. Leaving a massive door open for a newcomer Javicia Leslie. Leslie will play Ryan Wilder, the new superhero in the Arrowverse universe.

Batwoman, inspired by DC Comics character launched on October 6, 2019. The show is set after three years of the Batman departure event. The billionaire Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman suddenly disappeared, leaving Gotham City in danger. While his cousin Kate Kane was trying to fight back her demons, she discovered Batman’s secret. Soon after that, Kate Kane decided to protect Gotham City’s people from the evil, as Batwoman.

Batwoman Season 2: Will It Follow The Same Storyline?

After Ruby’s exit, everyone stunned to know how Batwoman Season 2 connects with the last season’s hiatus ending. But, the main question was who would play Kate Kane’s role in the second season. But, soon, the CW confirmed that there wouldn’t be any more Kate Kane in Batwoman Season 2. They will also introduce a new character Ryan Wilder who would be utterly different from Kate.

Ryan Faces Problem While Becoming A Hero

As per the official words, Ryan is a street-level hero. She uses Kate’s Batsuit to save Gotham City. However, in the beginning, she will get entangled in a battle with Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie). Meanwhile, she tries to stop the villain Hush to achieve his goal. Well, it’s a clear sign that Ryan doesn’t have ample time left to settle in her suit. While preparing for major conflict.

Well, in the beginning, she will use Kate’s Batsuit. However, as she settled and made her individual identity, she would develop her new creation. Well, it would be thrilling to see how things move in Batwoman Season 2, especially Ryan and Wayne’s big showdown.

Batwoman Season 2: New Look Hints Changes In Ryan’s Identity

Lately, the network has already revealed Ryan’s first look wearing Batsuit with red curly hair. However, the recent poster teased changes in Ryan’s Batsuit fiber and even her hairstyle. It leads to the “new beginning” of Ryan and Gotham City. Well, the latest look of Ryan’s heroic outfit is incredible. As you can see, Leslie in a straight hairstyle instead of a curly one.

Well, the red curly hair was quite similar to Kate’s red hair. However, the recent poster teased that Ryan has made her own identity different from Kate. In fact, this poster tells about Ryan’s evolution in the entire season. So, there’s a chance that in some time in the second season, Ryan would straighten her hair. But, fans have to wait to know the real reason behind this.

Batwoman Season 2: When Will It Air?

Well, there’s no time left to watch your favorite Arrowverse series on your screen. The CW has confirmed that Batwoman Season 2 starring Javicia Leslie will air on January 17, 2021. So, don’t miss it.


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