May 21, 2024
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Killing Eve Season 4: Villanelle And Eve Returns To Sort Everything- Production Update And More

Killing Eve Season 4

Eve Polastri and Villanelle is set to return to strengthen their bond without looking back to their mission in Killing Eve Season 4. Well, fans have already witnessed the spark and spicy relationship between the pair. But, everyone is curious to learn about Dasha Duran. Well, everything is under control, as one of the writers mentioned. Indeed, Killing Eve Season 4 would uncover some secrets that everyone is dying to know about. Now, let’s move ahead to see what the head writer is planning for us.


Killing Eve debuted back on April 8, 2018, is a spy thriller on BBC America and BBC iPlayer. The series based on Luke Jennings’ novel series title Villanelle. It follows Eve Polastri’s struggle in dealing with her life and mission. Eve works in the British Intelligence Agencies, where she was soon involved in a female assassins’ case. However, she was fired from M15. But she was quickly hired in M16, a secret division where she was assigned to chase an international killer known as Villanelle. Soon after that, things turned problematic for Eve.

Last year in January, the network has decided to renew Killing Eve Season 4. But, it was quite surprising as the network has renewed Killing Eve Season 4 before the third season aired in April. The renewal was no surprise as the first two seasons had gained more than 90% positive response from the audience. So, it’s quite expected that BBC America is looking to extend the show.

Killing Eve Season 4: When Will Production Start?

Killing Eve Season 4 is scheduled to begin its filming in Europe. However, the show is badly affected by the ongoing pandemic. Recently, Isis Davis, one of the writers of Season 4, has said it’s unclear when filming would start. She continued that she has no idea that anyone knows about the production schedule. Further, with the new protocol and the news of the surge of COVID-19 second string in Europe, it’s unclear how things would move in the fourth season.

Production At Early Stage

Killing Eve Season 4 is currently at the early stage of development. Isis continued that though they have no clue about when filming for the fourth season would begin. Yet the writers have full knowledge about where the fourth season is heading. So, the writers’ team has already mapped the fourth season, which would be thrilling than ever.

Killing Eve Season 4: How Things Will Move In The Next Season?

As of now, it’s unclear what to expect from the upcoming season. But, one thing is clear that everything would revolve around Eve and Villanelle. Well, everyone knows that both are equally attracted to each other. However, will their complicated relationship ever get a happily ever after? Well, it’s something that fans are keenly looking forward to.

Dasha Duzran Makes Her Way To Season 4

In the last season, Dasha Duzran (Harriet Walter) had a heart attack. However, Dasha’s event was a heartbreaking moment for the entire fans. But, the showrunner Suzanne Heathcote has recently confirmed that the writers are finding a way to revive her character in the fourth season. There’s a chance that fans could see some flashbacks of her in the fourth season.

Killing Eve Season 4: When It Will Release?

Well, currently, the network hasn’t announced any official release date. But Killing Eve Season 4 is likely to return this year. However, considering the filming of the fourth season is still up in the air. It’s quite uncertain when it would air.

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