May 22, 2024
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Boondocks Season 5: Delayed? 2021 Release Date, Plot Details & More

Boondocks Season 5

The cancelation of the popular satirical sitcom Boondocks was shocking and upsetting for all of us. Back in the days, the series had a major following revolting against the decision. In fact, fans have supported the show for over six years now. Fortunately, Sony Pictures Animation has finally renewed Boondocks Season 5. The brand new episodes will be hitting our screens anytime soon. Are you excited for the sequel? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming installment.


The Boondocks is a 2005 adult animated sitcom that won millions of hearts right after it debuted. Created by Aaron McGruder, the series is based on his comic strip of the same name. It focuses on a black family trying to settle into the overall white suburb of Woodcrest. The series became a sensation back when it was released mainly because of its satire.

Boondocks Season 5

Due to its growing popularity, the producers kept on renewing the show for more and more seasons. Over the course of almost a decade, Sony Pictures Animation distributed a total of four seasons. However, when McGruder announced the series cancelation, viewers were heartbroken. The issue became the talk of the town, and fans tried to save the animated show as much as they can. Yet, despite the controversy, no new Boondocks seasons were ever released.

Boondocks Season 5: Officially Renewed!

Fortunately, the much-awaited Boondocks sequel is finally coming to our screens again. In June 2019, Sony Pictures Animation confirmed that they would be producing a reboot of the popular animated sitcom. It was later confirmed that McGruder would be picking up his executive producer role again. Moreover, actor John Witherspoon will be back as the fan-favorite character Robert Freeman in Boondocks Season 5.

A few months later, in September 2019, Warner Media’s upcoming streaming service HBO Max confirmed picking up the reboot with a two-season order. The highly-anticipated installments will each be twelve episodes long. The producers have confirmed that this new project is a reboot that will be a separate series. However, fans of the original show are considering the upcoming installment as the fifth season.

Boondocks Season 5

What Will Be The Plot Of The New Series?

The basic premise of Boondocks Season 5 will be quite similar to the 2005’s main plotline. It will follow the Freemans who move to the friendly and overall white suburban Maryland, where Uncle Ruckus rules the community government. They attempt to fight Ruckus’ regime as everyday life becomes a struggle to survive. As of now, the plot of the reboot series sounds intriguing. We hope that the new season turns out to be as successful as the original show.

When Will Boondocks Season 5 Release?

The renewal of the Boondocks reboot series went viral soon after it’s announcement. Fans were excited that they get to watch the classic satirical sitcom again. As a cherry on top, HBO Max picked up two seasons of the show altogether. Back then, the producers said that Boondocks Season 5 would hit the screens sometime in 2020.

However, fans were eagerly waiting for Boondocks Season 5 to hit the screens last year, but no new episodes were ever released. This was disappointing for viewers, yet the delay was expected given the events that happened in 2020. Later on, it was confirmed that the new reboot series would premiere on HBO Max in 2021. The twelve-episode season will come out alongside a 50-minute special. We will update this article with a concrete date once it comes out.

Are you excited for the new season of the highly-acclaimed show? What are your expectations from Boondocks Season 5? Please share with us in the comments below.

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