Servant Season 2

Servant Season 2: Will Be Darker, Bizarre, And Intense Says, Toby And Lauren

Servant stars Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell shared that things would turn bizarre and darker in search of Jericho in Servant Season 2. It’s been a year, and fans are keenly waiting to know what happened with the nanny in the first season finale. Well, although Sean Turner believed that his child is a realistic baby doll. But, what it has to do with the nanny and her sudden disappearance all left them wondering something is wrong with the doll. Now, let’s see what will happen in Servant Season 2.

Servant follows Dorothy and Sean Turner’s struggle to cope up with their loss. The series turned out to the 2019’s biggest hit series on Apple TV+. After Sean and Dorothy’s child’s death, Sean decided to bring a reborn doll to bring Dorothy to her catatonic state. However, to handle the doll, Jericho, Sean hired a nanny named Leanne. But, while dealing with his traumatic situation, he becomes suspicious of Leanne and begins his investigation.

Servant Season 2: Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

Servant debuted on November 28, 2019, and soon received a positive response from the audience as well as the critics. Well, it’s highly positive reviews results in Servant becoming the most-watched series on Apple. However, ahead of its first season premiere, Apple ordered Servant Season 2. Now stakes are high, and fans are looking forward to the next season.

Will There Be Any Season 3?

You’ll be glad to know that Apple TV+ has already renewed Servant Season 3 ahead of the second season’s premiere. Well, it’s quite apparent as the streamer has done the same thing with the second season. Further, there are high hopes that the second season of dark thriller drama would leave plenty of plots for the third season.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

The last season ended up with Leanne suddenly disappeared in the gloomy night, leaving Jericho the doll behind. Now, Turners and Dorothy’s brother Julian are searching for Jericho, who’s missing. The couple and their family would go to any limit to find their child. Lauren promised that she would use her journalist knowledge to find her missing child. The duo also teased that the second season would turn scariest and darker when applying their practical experience to solve the case.

Will They Find Jericho?

Speaking about Jericho, both Toby and Lauren said they believe that soon they would find their missing child. Lauren said Dorothy would do anything to get her child back. She just wanted to hug him close to her heart. Although it sounds scary yet they both know who things would move in the next season. Further, Toby said it was exciting to play those weird characters instead of just reading them.

Sean And Dorothy’s Relationship To Grow

There’s a possibility that Dorothy would think more rationally and would turn her back to that delusion stuff. So, chances are more that Sean and Dorothy’s relationship would somewhat sort in the upcoming season. As Dorothy was misguided in the first season, believing that the realistic baby doll was her son. However, she’s aware of the situation and would act accordingly. Now, both are moving to darker places to search for their child. So, eventually, their trust and bond would develop stronger than the first season.

Servant Season 2: When It Will Premiere?

Get ready to solve the dark mystery behind the nanny and the baby’s disappearance. Apple TV+ has slated Servant Season 2 to air tomorrow on January 15, 2021, on Friday. So, don’t miss it.

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