May 30, 2024
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Doctor Who Season 13: Villain Returns! Will Jodie Leave? Who’s The New Doctor? Know Everything

Doctor Who Season 13

The shooting process for Doctor Who Season 13 is in progress. And there has been the release of some behind the scene photos on the web. It seems that the future scenario will be more dangerous for the Doctor. An even more hazardous villain is set to return in the impending season. So, better be ready to face all the thrill.


Doctor Who is a science fiction drama series. Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson created the show for BBC. The plot brings up the adventure of Time Lord called “The Doctor.” The character makes use of a time-traveling ship to travel, called ‘TARDIS.’ The plot involves so many traveling and exploration for adventure.

The TARDIS is equipped with a chameleon circuit so as to make it look smaller from the outside. However, it is very vast from the inside. The Doctor is always joined by one or the other companions. Let us further see what newness will Doctor Who Season 13 bring to the story.

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who Season 13: Behind The Scene Photos

The season is under production. The cast and crew members were seen to film on the set. They have been working under all the difficult protocols. Moreover, there has been the release of some of the photos on the web. The makers are seen shooting on cold Knap Beach, Wales. In one of the photos, we see Jodie Whittaker wearing a big coat and is there along with Weeping Angel. The silent killer is back in the story. Things will be on edge ahead. So, buckle up to face adventure and struggle.

Doctor Who Season 13: Revealing Secrets

The coming season’s story will bring a lot of mythology and secrets to the screen. The fans will come closer to the Timeless child and the mythology of the Time Lord. The huge secret of Doctor’s many incarnations is to get explored ahead. More of Jodie’s adventures are waiting for us in the future season.

New Companion

John Bishop’s new companion Dan is set to come in Doctor Who Season 13. The character will have to cope up with a lot of new scenarios. Moreover, the coming story will have some old monsters returning with great power. How will Dan deal with all? We speculate for him to show some special skills.

Will Jodie Exit?

It won’t come as a surprise if Jodie Whittaker leaves the show. We have seen the series featuring various Doctors in it. However, the news of any new Doctor coming ahead isn’t yet brought out by the makers or the platform. Therefore, we can not speak with surety of who is coming ahead. Let us further wait for any such revelations.

Doctor Who Season 13: Release Date

There isn’t any exact release date for the upcoming season. However, we speculate Doctor Who Season 13 to premiere anytime in 2021. It may be in the winter of the year. We will further update our article with more information. Till then, keep watching and stay in the virtual link.

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