Preacher Season 5

Preacher Season 5: Will It Ever Come Back? Why Was It Cancelled? Know All Details

It does not look like Preacher Season 5 is happening. The show had concluded with the fourth season. But will it ever happen? Based on Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis comic books with the same name, the show stars Dominic Cooper as he plays the character of a holy man- Jesse Custer. Ruth Negg plays the character of Tulip, Custer’s fellow lover and assassin. Accompanying them is Joseph Gigun who plays Cassidy, an Irish vampire. The show that first aired in 2016, has been loved by all the viewers.

After the show completed three seasons, the creators announced that the show would conclude with the fourth season. In the ten episodes of the season, they closed Jesse’s story giving the show a culminating, and rather dramatic finale. Even after we know that the show is cancelled, the show still has a passionate fanbase. What everyone does want to know is, if the show would ever come back? Here is what we know about it-

Why Was The Show Cancelled?

We do not have any official explanation on why was the show cancelled. However, there are a number of reasons why that would have happened. One of the reasons were the ratings. Preacher’s ratings had fallen significantly over time. The first two seasons did perform well reaching one-million mark, but there was a gradual decline in the viewership. By the fourth season, the viewership had dropped below half-million viewers. This was very low compared to all other AMC productions.

Another reason for this cancellation was Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s move from Sony to Lionsgate. With the news of Preacher Season 4’s cancellation, the duo’s production company signed a new deal with new home soon.

The last reason for this cancellation was the story. While the show, over the course of four seasons, skipped a number of arcs and characters from the original comic, the fourth season adapted the final story from the source material “Alamo.” As a result of this, there isn’t much story left for the fifth season.

Preacher Season 5

Will Preacher Season 5 Ever Happen?

It has been four years since The Preacher got canceled. So, the possibilities of Preacher Season 5 happening are pretty slim. However, it isn’t completely impossible. It is always possible that some other creative head might want to work on a new adaptation and bring the show.

The Preacher comics have quite a fan base. So, if not a series, it is possible that a Preacher Movie could get into works in the near future.  If that happens, and someone brings anything, we will keep this space updated. So, keep an eye on this space.


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