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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12: “Digging Their Heels In,” Know What’s Coming

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12
History Channel

History Channel’s The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12 will bring answers to previous pending questions. Well, the swamp has a lot to come up with ahead. The history of human activities will be discovered. The characters will find more new evidence. So, are you ready for new discoveries and revelations? The twelfth episode is all set to arrive and blow you with some thrilling storyline.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12: Plot Details

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12 is titled “Digging Their Heels In.” In this episode, we will see Alex discover some facts. The history of the place will be brought back to life. We will get a closer look at the people and their way of living back in 1400.

The official synopsis of the episode reads, “While searching the spoils excavated from the Money Pit areas, Alex Lagina finds evidence of human activity dating back in 1492.”

We will see Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina doing wonders ahead. Along with them, there will be several other workers as well. They together will dig and find out about the hidden treasures. At the same time, we will get some knowledge from the experts.


The last episode of the season was “Rocky Roads.” The Island is full of mystery and various treasures. Moreover, the team members try their best to find out some of them. Well, there is still a lot more ahead to be found. In this episode, we have seen The Serpent Mound to be one of the discoveries of Lagina. The team members are certain that they are very close to finding gold. Meanwhile, Gary finds something similar to gold. He thinks it to be the treasure and believes that there will be a lot more ahead.

However, it is not always the same as it seems to be. Some things just look to be gold from above but are just glittery. Gary’s discovery is just a gold-painted object. Well, the team members do not lose their hope and start connecting the stone to some pathway. They believe that there could be a roadway connected to the sea. Therefore, the team will dig deeper to find out the hidden secret. Let us hope for a positive scenario ahead.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12: Premiere Date

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 12 will premiere on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT. Stay tuned to the history channel on a particular date to see the secret of Oak Island to come upon the floor. You can also watch the series up to the seventh season on Hulu. However, there is also an option to watch the same on Amazon Prime Videos. We will further keep bringing more information and updates in this space.

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