Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Returning In 2021, What Will Happen Next?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 is on its way to resolve the mystery behind nefarious Virginia and the Rangers. Well, things are speeding up as the series continues to explore the traumatic life of the protagonists. Almost after five months of the midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead Season 6A, AMC will soon return with its next part. But, fans are already anticipating how things would move in the next season.

Fear The Walking Dead follows an apocalypse’s rise due to the rapidly changing world for strange reasons. It serves as the prequel to AMC’s most popular series, The Walking Dead. The story is portrayed from the perspective of high school counselor Madison Clark. Clark deals with her personal turmoil while raising two children all alone. However, the widowed mother finds her partner in English teacher Travis Manawa. But, the apocalypse destroyed everything before they could start a new life.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

Indeed! The network has renewed Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 in early December 2020. The news came off soon before Fear The Walking Season 6B could air. Well, the show has gained a positive response over the years. Thus, there’s no doubt why AMC was looking for the next season before season 6B. Further, the renewal came as no surprise as The Walking Dead franchise entirely crossed paths with its sister series.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7: When Will It Release?

Recently, in early January 2021, The Walking Dead Universe shared a video hinting at their 2021 plans. To your surprise, Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 is slated to air this year. However, the second half of the sixth season is yet to air. So, we can expect that the seventh season would air sometime in fall 2021 and would conclude in 2022. Further, looking at the above video, it’s quite sure that the zombies’ drama will pack more of your Sundays.

When Fear The Walking Dead Season 6B Will Air On AMC?

After its winter-break, Fear The Walking Dead Season 6B will return to resolve the mystery on April 11, 2021, on Sunday at 9/8c only on AMC. Now, the fans could finally understand the concept of “The End Is The Beginning.”

How Things Will Move In Fear The Walking Dead Season 6B?

The upcoming chapter would explore the aftereffect of Morgan’s bid. As of Morgan, he tricked Virginia to free his remaining group members. However, he’s unaware of the fact that his group is wholly destroyed. Virginia has highly influenced them. Also living under her has changed everything. The people in the group who once known as a family have now turned into something else. Since their relationship would damage and loyalties meaning would change. Now, they would discover the real meaning behind “The End Is The Beginning.”

Meanwhile, Virginia will consider Morgan’s bid as she’s desperate to find her sister. Further, Virginia will do whatever it takes to protect her settlements from the inside and outside forces trying to destroy everything. Some new members are entering the battleground. These include John Glover, Keith Carradine, and Nick Stahl.


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