May 22, 2024
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How To With John Wilson Season 2: When Will Production Begin? Release Date & More

How To With John Wilson Season 2

HBO is set to return with John Wilson’s obsessive and covertly lives of fellow New Yorkers in How To With John Wilson Season 2. The debut season landed on October 23, 2020, following the simple advice on relevant topics. However, the network didn’t take long to declare How To With John Wilson’s fate. But, fans have to wait now as the network has yet to announce the second season’s release date. Now, let’s see what to expect from the second season.


How To With John Wilson, created by documentary filmmaker John Wilson, is a comedy docuseries on HBO. It follows John trying to provide advice to his fellow New Yorkers while struggling with his personal issues. Each episode covers topics from tutorials to scaffolding to small talks. That is filmed generally on the streets of New York. During his investigation, he meets several people and drives the conversation in unpredictable directions.

How To With John Wilson Season 2: Renewed?

After John’s raw commentary, candid, and numerous topics on a different range, the network ordered the second season of How To With John Wilson. The first season begins with How To Make Small Talk. Then it continues with How To Put Scaffolding and How To Cover Your Furniture. Soon, the first season received a 100% positive response from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Well, eight months into the current pandemic and still counting, we have seen many shows that attempted to address the bizarre s ituation. However, none has matched the odyssey of cultural observation and self-discovery, which How To With John Wilson has done. Well, it can be clearly seen from how people reacted in real-time and appreciated the concept.

HBO Vice President Shared His Excitement

HBO President of Programming, Amy Gravit, said that John’s thoughtful and polite way to deal with everything is exceptional. Amy continued after watching the audience’s response and connection with the show. It turns out as an absolute joy. They are now curious to see what will happen in How To With John Wilson Season 2 in 2021. Further, they are looking forward to seeing some behind the camera scenes too.

How To With John Wilson Season 2: When Will Filming Begin?

There’s no official announcement regarding the filming of How To With John Wilson Season 2. However, we can expect that soon in early 2021. John Wilson will return with his fellow team members and show’s executive producers. These include Clark Reinking, Michael Koman, and Nathan Fielder. But, it’s still unclear what the second season would bring to our plate. Further, if things go without any delay, then chances are high that production would conclude in late 2021.

How To With John Wilson Season 2: When To Expect?

Considering the time it requires to film the first season, we can expect that How To With John Wilson Season 2 would also air in October 2021. However, if the second season’s production would face any delay, then it’s likely that the second season would air sometime in 2022.

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