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Daddy’s Home 3: Will It Ever Happen? Everything You Need To Know

It’s almost been three years since the second movie of Daddy’s Home premiered. However, fans are still curious to watch their favorite characters back in Daddy’s Home 3. Will fans ever be able to see new complexity in Sean Anders’ world? Albeit Sean’s comedies always focus on important subjects such as adoption, and those familiar with which they could relate. But his work is highly critically acclaimed as many audiences couldn’t appreciate it.

Daddy’s Home, directed by Sean Anders, is a comedy film that debuted back in 2015. It focused on gentle stepfather Brad Whitaker, the radio executive who struggles to gain his wife Sara’s two children’s attention while their biological father returned. One night Sara’s ex-husband Dusty Mayron called her that he wanted to visit his children. However, Sara didn’t wish Dusty to reunite with her children. But Brad assured Sara that everything would be fine. However, things ended up quite differently.

Has Paramount Network Renewed Daddy’s Home 3?

Sean Anders, the filmmaker behind the family franchise has been trying to bring his third outing on the screen. However, he’s still struggling to return with it. Speaking on the third sequel of the Daddy’s Home franchise Sean has moved on from some part of the film. Howbeit Daddy’s Home has done fairly well with its two films. But, it’s unclear whether Daddy’s Home 3 would return sometime in the future or not.

However, Paramount Network’s spokesperson has lately teased that they were trying to figure out how they could return with the next film. Well, it sounds quite optimistic as there are still slight chances of Daddy’s Home 3 to return. But, it looks like fans have to wait a little further until the network officially announces its decision. However, it’s still unsure whether they could return or not.

Daddy’s Home 3: What To Expect From The Next Installment?

Lately, in an interview, Sean revealed that in the third film, we could see the return of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as Brad and Dusty. Well, their reunion would be due to their daughter Megan Mayron’s (Scarlett Estevez) wedding. Sean continued that they are willing to see Megan’s wedding and the hilarious reunion of old Brad and Dusty. So, they can portray the comedic sensibilities to the table.

Thus, Sean is waiting for twenty years or so to return with a sequel that could knock it out the perk of the concept which he likes. However, later Sean mocked that they have no clue whether Daddy’s Home 3 could return. Howbeit they thought to follow a time jump when both Brad and Dusty become old.

Daddy’s Home 3: Will It Return?

As of now, the creators haven’t officially renewed the film yet. So, it’s hard to assume when Daddy’s Home 3 would return. But, looking at Sean’s word, we can expect that Daddy’s Home 3 would return soon, sometime in the future, if Sean and Will are willing to return.


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