Poldark Season 6

Poldark Season 6: Boss Teased The Future Of The Show, Will It Return?

Will Poldark Season 6 ever return after the fifth season, which concluded back in 2019? Well, the series wrapped up two years ago, and still, some of its devoted fans are looking for Poldark Season 6. The original Poldark series of Robin Ellis had run between 1975 and 1977 on BBC. The Hobbit star Aidan Turner took the lead role in the rebooted version of the series. However, both series have been the blockbuster hit on the network. But, whether the sixth season is on the cards, it’s yet to know.

Poldark, an adaptation of Winston Graham’s novel of the same name launched in 2015 on the BBC. The series takes place in 1783 when Captain Ross Vennor Poldark returns his home after three years in the army. However, when he returned, he learned that his father, Joshua has died. Further, they are in hefty debts as their estate ruins, and Poldark’s childhood sweetheart Elizabeth is now engaged with his cousin Francis. Throughout the series, the entire family deals with the lost loves, birth of their children, death, and war.

Will There Be Poldark Season 6?

Even though the fifth season concluded on August 26, 2019, many fans still hoping for the famous series’s next outing. The last season dared to explore the territory which hasn’t been discussed in the source material. Instead of following the original novel, the fifth season covered the 11-year gap between The Angry Tide and The Stranger From The Sea books. So, there’s a chance that BBC could return with the sixth season.

The Screenwriter Hints The Future Of The Show

Speaking on the fifth season, Debbie Horsfield explained that Winston Graham had left many hints in the eighth book regarding the events that happened in the intermediate years. But, they never explain how Ross accomplished that transformation. Thus the fifth season doesn’t cover the original novel. Further, there are twelve novels and likely five additional books to cover the next outing.

The show’s executive producer Karen Thrussell hinted back in 2018 that Poldark Season 5 will be the final season. But, the showrunner and writer Debbie has opened up that she’s looking for making the sixth season. Debbie added that there are five books still left to run a fantastic season. But, when it could be possible is still unclear. Thus there’s a scope that the showrunner would return with the sixth season, continuing the transformation journey of Ross.

Aidan Turner Talked About Season 6

Unfortunately, BBC confirmed that Ross’ journey would end in Poldark Season 5. Speaking about the sixth season, the lead star Turner teased that they aimed to finish most of Graham’s novels. While they begin filming for the fifth season, satisfaction and relief sensed that they successfully completed the show.

Since the fifth season aimed at the final season, Turner continued to feel proud to conclude the show, which they started in 2015. It was an extraordinary journey, and he would miss the cast, said Turner. If you have any suggestions regarding Poldark Season 6, feel free to share them in the comments section. And stay tuned with us in this space.

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