June 15, 2024
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Osmosis Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Everything The Fans Need To Know

Osmosis Season 2

Many fans have been waiting for more high-tech dating and troubled relationships in Osmosis Season 2, but could it be possible? The series entered the Netflix world with a storm as its exceptional concept captivated everyone. It’s almost been two years since the show landed on our screens. But many are still hoping for some miracle. However, we don’t have any pleasant news for fans. Let’s move ahead to see the future of Osmosis Season 2.


Osmosis, created by Audrey Fouché, is a science fiction debuted back in March 2019 on Netflix. It takes place in the near future. There a dating app created in Paris named Osmosis that can find true love. Through this technology, people can find their perfect match as it digs deep into the user’s brain. However, to find the right partner, the person also has to pay a high price for that as the technology can also access the deepest and darkest secrets of the person.

Osmosis Season 2: Is It Renewed For The Next Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix canceled Osmosis Season 2 back in early 2020. Howbeit the first season received a 100% positive response from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the critics called it “thoughtful and refreshing” as the show projects one’s dreams and fears into various forms. Still, it lacked in gathering positive response from the French audience though the series is originally a French show.

Well, Netflix hasn’t yet disclosed the reason behind Osmosis Season 2 cancelation. But we can assume that the ongoing changes in Netflix have become the significant reason to cancel many shows. Last year the streamer canceled several shows which don’t fulfill its standard viewership. It’s quite surprising that Netflix back to back canceled its three French series that just made their debut.

Got Highly Criticized For The Storyline

As soon as the first season launched, many fans compared Osmosis with Black Mirror Season 4’s episode titled “Hang The DJ,” where they blend the technology with dating. Although the series didn’t follow Black Mirror’s concept, yet many of the French audience defamed it. It resulted in Netflix canceling the show.

Producer Is Looking For Osmosis Season 2

Before the streamer announced its decision, the news came off that one of the series producers interested in continuing with the second season. Even Agathe Bonitzer, who played Esther Vanhove, said “everything is possible” if people out there help spread the series globally. Agathe added that though it depends on the reception they’ll receive. Still, the entire team feels optimistic about returning. Even Netflix has been heavily invest ing in French shows. So, there’s a slight chance that Osmosis could return, said Agathe.

Will Osmosis Season 2 Ever Return?

Netflix has planned to come up with incredible French shows. Yet, it seems that the French shows didn’t live up to Netflix’s expectations. Further, considering the budget required to produce Osmosis Season 2 is relatively high. Thus, it’s quite not possible that Netflix would ever come up with a second season. Since in 2018’s press conference, Netflix announced that the renewal only depends on the standard Netflix’s viewership vs. cost required to make the show.

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