June 15, 2024
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Master Of None Season 3: Aziz Ansari Set To Return With Hefty Changes Ahead

Master Of None Season 3

It’s been almost four years since the second season of Master Of None aired. Many fans feared that Aziz Ansari’s comedy series had been canceled following a 2018 sexual misconduct charge against him. But, no need to worry as Master Of None Season 3 is finally returning to Netflix after a long break. However, fans have to wait as the series would take some more time to land on our screens.


Master Of None Season, created by Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, is a comedy-drama series on Netflix. It follows Dev Shah’s (Aziz Ansari) life, a commercial actor known for the Go-Gurt commercial. The show inspired by the figure of speech and the rights one posses. Throughout the series, Dev struggles to deal with his past, present, and future outcomes. However, every time he ended up with an unspoken lesson.

Master Of None Season 3: Is It Renewed For The Next Season?

Although Netflix hasn’t officially announced the renewal of Master Of None Season 3. Yet when rumors surfaced about the sexual misconduct against Ansari, Cindy Holland, Netflix’s former head of original content, supported him. Cindy insisted that Netflix would love to return with Master Of None Season 3 whenever Aziz Ansari feels ready to return. Well, it implies that the streamer has been in full support of Ansari’s Master Of None.

Back in May, when asked about a potential third season, Ansari mockingly said that perhaps he’s lazy right now if he’s not writing anything. Though it doesn’t give accurate details yet, fans believed he might return. Ansari stayed isolated and away from the public eye until he made his appearance in Netflix’s 2019 comedy special Aziz Ansari: Right Now. There he opened up about the allegations and the following backlash against him. Well, it touched everyone as seeing a man who can comically clear the air.

Master Of None Season 3: When Will Production Begin?

As per the reports, Ansari and co-creator Yang started filming the third season secretly last spring. But due to the pandemic, the production had again put on hold. However, in early January, the news came off that Ansari has returned with his fellow co-stars to continue filming the third season. The last season shot in both New York and Italy. But this time it’s reported that season 3 filming will begin in London.

In the last season, Dev and Francesca’s (Alessandra Mastronardi) relationship ended when she took out her engagement ring. So, it makes sense that in the third season, Dev relocated to a new city in search of his love. Further speaking on the third season, Ansari said that Dev has now become a different guy. He feels that Dev should get married and have a child, instead of roaming around New York City to try some food around the town.

Master Of None Season 3: Who Will Be In The Cast?

Of course, Aziz Ansari will return once again as Dev Shah with Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker star Naomi Ackie. She will likely recur as Dev’s new love interest. Lena Waithe as Dev’s friend Denise will return with Eric Wareheim as Arnold Baumheiser. Even Kelvin Yu as Brian Chang, will also return. However, the creator hasn’t yet confirmed the star cast details. So, stay tuned for further details.

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