Paradise PD Season 3

Paradise PD Season 3: Teaser Teased Some Crazy Adventures- Release Date And More

After another crazy, bizarre, and hilarious season, Paradise PD returns with Paradise PD Season 3 to explore new sets of adventures. The incompetent police cops came and comically dodged the crimes in the last season. However, this time, things are getting crazier than we thought. Well, all credits goes to the entirely random jokes and antics they pulled out. Let’s see what happens in the third season.

Paradise PD, created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin, is an animated sitcom debuted in August 2018 on Netflix. It follows a district police department with rampant crimes, and as it seems, the police cannot deal with them. The force includes Chief Randall Crawford, the chubby Dusty Marlow, and the crazy Gina Jabowski. It also includes immoral senior citizen Stanley Hopson and fearful Gerald “Fitz” Fitzgerald. However, they all try to deal with their personal lives while struggling to manage the crime.

The show has officially received renewal soon after a month when the second season hit Netflix. The show’s creator, Waco O’Guin, confirmed on April 8, 2020, that Netflix renewed Paradise PD Season 3. Although the main Netflix accounts didn’t acknowledge it and promote the show, it continued for the next run, said Waco. Well, the main reason behind Paradise PD renewal for the third season is due to the COVID-19. Since the production of many series and films was affected due to the global pandemic. Thus, it was better to depend on their animated series.

Paradise PD Season 3: Trailer Teased Nothing Is Normal Now

The official trailer of the upcoming season is out already. And it looks like nothing is normal. It all begins with a radioactive blast that changed everything. Some started looking different from their usual self. While Randall discovered that his wife Karen, expecting a baby. Meanwhile, the other officers begin exploring some unimaginable things. Even there’s an encounter with a monster and many floating desires, which Randall and his teammates experienced.

Paradise PD Season 3: What Will Happen?

In the finale, the Paradise PD finally took down the Kingpin. Meanwhile, Dobby sacrificed himself to damage Kingpin’s nuke by crashing Chief’s chopper on it. Unfortunately, Kingpin has another Nuke. But, the nuclear explosion in the final moments looked like it killed the town’s people during the process. However, fans can rest assure as nothing has happened like this. Well, the teaser and the team teased that somehow they survived the explosion.

Creator Discussed Future Plans

Speaking on the third season, the team members said that while making each episode, they counted everyone’s reaction since things are getting weird in the upcoming season. Further, when Waco asked whether he wanted to continue with the film, he said they love to stay in the series. But, if they do that, then the chance is it could be an animated one like the series for only their friends.

Paradise PD Season 3: When Will It Release On Netflix?

Well, Paradise PD took 17 months to return with the second season on Netflix. So, deeming the time, it took between the first and the second season, we assume it will take some more time. However, it looks like production for the third season continued after the second season. Recently, Netflix released the trailer that also confirmed the release date for the upcoming season. Paradise PD Season 3 will air soon on March 12, 2021, globally. For more updates, stay tuned with us in this space.


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