Designated Survivor Season 4

Designated Survivor Season 4: Netflix’s Looking To Host The Series Again, Will It Happen?

It’s almost been more than a year since Netflix canceled Designated Survivor Season 4. But fans have been clamoring to revive the series again. Despite its abrupt cancelation, there’s a high possibility that Designated Survivor Season 4 could return. The streamer has also disclosed their plans for the show. The last season took everyone on a roller-coaster ride leaving with plenty of questions. But will we get all the answers?

Designated Survivor follows a series of mega attacks, mystery, and political fights. When the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Thomas Kirkman became the designated survivor of the mass political attack, he learned that it’s just the beginning. Soon Kirkman faced several challenges while juggling with his political life. But being the designated survivor of the attack, Kirkman’s life becomes twisted when he comes up as a legitimate president.

Designated Survivor Season 4: Has It Renewed For The Next Run?

After ABC dropped the series, Netflix surprised the fans with renewal news of the third season. Even the executive producer Mark Gordon called the renewal a win-win situation for all. Also, the third season received much positive acclamation from the audience and critics. But in 2019, Netflix abruptly canceled the series after turning many people to watch the series.

Although the show became the most-watched series on Netflix, the streamer decided not to continue. Shortly the executive producer and star Kiefer Sutherland disclosed the reason. He said the contracts with Netflix were quite complicated and different from TV. Even Netflix didn’t book several of their actors, and that will lead them to pick another job. So, it turns pretty difficult for him to keep it going. Thus he doesn’t feel to continue with the fourth season.

Netflix Still Looking To Continue

Although, Netflix didn’t deny or confirm the remarks regarding the contracts. But Netflix and Entertainment One studio revealed that they had only signed a one-year deal with the cast. So it was more likely to end with the third season. But they always wanted to keep it going, as the series left on an open note. However, it’s unclear when the show could return with the fourth season.

The renewal chance is relatively high as the third season received eight on IMDb. The show also marked as the most popular series of the week after its air. Even the show’s social media remains active, and it’s also a good sign. Thus we can expect that sooner or later, the show would return with the fourth chapter.

Benjamin Charles Watson Hopes Season 4 Will Return

In a previous interview, Benjamin, who played Dontae Evans, White House digital officer, said he’s hopeful of returning to the set. He said he feels optimistic that the show will return and continue the journey beyond its fourth season. Since they left with many loose ends which they needed to resolve. Even the fourth season could only close the open plots of the third season. Though Benjamin feels hopeful yet its future is still up in the air.

Designated Survivor Season 4: Will It Ever Return?

Netflix dropped the series due to the issues with the main star cast regarding contracts. But, recently, Netflix revealed its plan to host the series on its platform. So, the chances are high that Designated Survivor Season 4 would return on Netflix in the near future, soon after the deal locks.

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