May 23, 2024
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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2: Renewal Plans, Cast And Release Date!

It's Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2

Are we finally getting It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2? Since It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Season 1 last dropped its final episode on August 9, 2020, fans are eager to get the Season 2 renewed. A lot of hit series have been restored on public demand lately. And this Korean drama has a huge fan base waiting for a sequel.


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay became an instant hit after the first season’s launch. It received positive feedback from critics and fans for its unique plot, storytelling style, stunning visuals, heartwarming moments, and acclaimed performances. The New York Times even named the series ‘The Best International Show of 2020.’ La Tercera even titled It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ‘one of the most popular Asian dramas’ of 2020.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2: Story Details

The first season of this k drama left several unfinished storylines behind after its end. For instance, in the first season, we saw Ko Mun-Yeong visiting her mother after her arrest. The story of the three characters healing from their past traumas will move forward with the same motive. The following season is likely to follow the storyline from this exact point. Season 2 may also focus on the mending of the the relationship between Mun-Yeong and his mother.

On the flip side, some fans speculate that It’s Okay To Not Be Okay does not need a second season as all the patients healed by themselves by the show’s end. But as far as stories of past traumas and emotional healings go, there is always room for new plots to take place. Similarly, the show will surely return with heart-touching stories of our favorites.

Who Will Be Cast For The Next Season?

As far as the cast is concerned, the fans expect to see the similar faces they were introduced to in  the last installment. Kim Soo Hyun is likely to continue the show and play the role of Moon Gang Tae. The lead actress, Seo Ye Ji, will also return to play Ko Moon Young’s part. We can also expect to see Oh Jung Se as Moon Sang Tae.

However, the actors for Nam Joo Ri and Lee Sang In are not yet finalized. The show makers are yet to cast actors for these two roles. There will also be some guest appearances in cameo roles. The names have not been revealed yet, but fans are excited to see what’s in store for them.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2: Release Date!

As of now, there are no confirmations regarding the renewal of this popular Korean drama. It is confirmed that the whole cast and crew will return for a second season. If the shoot and production go to the floors this year, it is possible that we may witness a release by mid-2022.

The show has been off-air since August 2020, and there is massive demand from the fans for a renewal. There’s hope that the news of the show’s revival may come this year itself. But as far as the release date is concerned, we don’t have an official word for now. There’s only wait for the fans.

Are you excited to watch It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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