May 30, 2024
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Doctor Who Season 13: Graphic Novel Leaked Synopsis! Teases A Crossover Event

Doctor Who Season 13

A recently released synopsis of Doctor Who graphic novel hints at Captain Jack Harkness’s return in Doctor Who Season 13. Well, Captain Jack has soon become a fan-favorite character in Doctor Who, leading to his surprising return in the last season and the 2020 Holiday Special. Thus it’s not surprising to deem that Captain Jack would return once again in season 13. However, his return teases some potential transmedia events in the upcoming Doctor Who.


Doctor Who follows the exploits of the Time Lord called the Doctor who travels in space and time in a time machine, the TARDIS. Across time and space, the Doctor’s several incarnations often caught up in the events that provoke their curiosity, leading to fighting for the normal people against the evil forces.

Doctor Who Season 13: Will Captain Jack Harkness Return?

Well, John Barrowman has already shared his willingness to go back to the TARDIS. Indeed we heard plenty of rumors hinting at his return in the next season. Though there has been no concrete evidence, yet the return of Weeping Angels, the iconic monster tease that soon, Captain Jack would show up. However, the leaked synopsis hints at Captain Jack’s future in both the small screen and transmedia events.

Transported Back To The Familiar Place

The Penguin Random House website has recently shared how Doctor Who graphic novel will look like. Even the Cultbox revealed that the book would directly link with Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 2, which will follow the return of Captain Jack. Here’s the official synopsis, which has been removed from the Penguin Random House site: “Captain Jack Harkness goes against the dangerous Torchwood institute.”

In the middle of battling with aliens, Captain Jack’s suddenly transported to 19th century Cardiff again through a time window. However, soon he realized there’s an undiscovered mystery in Victorian-era Torchwood Institute. He soon begins working on uncovering the reason behind the time windows suddenly cropping up everywhere. But what he discovers is unexpected and eventually leaves him to ask an old friend’s help.

Showrunner Talked About Doctor Who Season 13

Well, the use of events reminds us of the great Time Lord Victorious, which has just come to its ending. But, the showrunner Russell T. Davies clarified that it’s not essential that the upcoming season would link with the other source. In the May 2005 edition of Doctor Who magazine, he said that the Public Service Broadcaster produces the show.

So, the BBC has to closely look up to everything closely before coming up with a fantastic storyline. Though there are several novels out there yet, BBC can’t break the rules. But it could be possible that BBC would closely work with the tie-in material following the companies’ guidelines. Moreover, soon we will get to know whether it’s an actual graphic novel or the collection of four or more miniseries together. However, there’s a slight chance that Captain Jack would appear in the next season.

Doctor Who Season 13: When Will It Release?

As of now, there’s no official release date announced yet. Still, it looks like Doctor Who Season 13 would return later this year. Well, the graphic novel is due to launch this November. So hopefully, it makes sense to say that season 13 would air soon after the novel’s release.

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