April 13, 2024
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Mayans MC Season 4: Is It Happening? Creator Talks About The Possible Changes

Mayans MC Season 4

Good news for fans as the network has already announced the fate of the Sons of Anarchy spinoff’s next installment- Mayans MC Season 4. Well, the series revolves around the rival biker group in the fictional California town of Santo Padre. It takes place almost two and a half years after Sons of Anarchy’s events that follow the life of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes.


In the beginning, EZ is released from prison and soon joins the Mayans MC biker club. Meanwhile, he’s working with the FBI agent to help take down the Galindo cartel. The stories took several turns throughout the series, from exploring EZ and Angel’s mother’s mysterious murder case to Angel’s hidden secrets. But after Kurt’s departure, the story has switched to a different track. Now let’s see what the creator Elgin James has to say about it.

Mayans MC Season 4: Has It Renewed For The Next Run?

Earlier this May, FX renewed Mayans MC for its fourth run. Well, the renewal announcement came two episodes ahead of its third season finale. The third season did well to attract a large group of audience with its action-packed moments.

Speaking of the fourth season renewal, the showrunner Elgin James said he’s thrilled by the news. He said he’s deeply indebted to FX and 20th for granting them to continue the story. Even James praised the cast and crew work on the recent season.

Nick Grad Thrilled To Continue

Nick Grad, FX president, praised Elgin James and his creative partners for coming up with this incredible and epic story. He added throughout three seasons. The series managed to narrate the stories that resonate perfectly beyond the border, the place where the group thrives and survives. He continued that the series has also invited the fans to explore the world of Mayans MC.

James Referred Season 3 As The Final Season

Speaking to Deadline before the fourth season ever renews, James said they honestly believed that the third season is their final shot. James said he called JD and said they have only one shot to tell the story of their characters to the fans. Even he called the actors and said they have to give their best as the third season should turn into a heavyweight bow. They were 91 days straight on set, even during the weekends completely exhausted, hoping that season 3 would turn out as an epic one.

However, after the first two episodes aired, James discovered that half of their audience has already left due to sudden changes in the series. James added that they never thought that they would return with the fourth season. But they were grateful for their loyal fans who stayed until the finale and the new viewers who just came in. Now they have some better thoughts for the upcoming season, said James.

Will The Show Change Its Path?

James took over the entire show after Kurt’s exit. However, in a recent interview, James said no intentional changes in the upcoming season. It would focus on each character’s life, exploring some dark and hidden plots. However, fans could expect some shift in narration as both Kurt and James have different styles of telling the story. As James said, there’s a glee in Kurt’s violence and story, but there’s gloom in James’ violence and story. So it makes sense that things would turn out a little different for fans.

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