May 20, 2024
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12: Structure Collapse And Vision Loss In “Things Will Fall Apart,” Know Release Date

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12 seems to bring more challenges to Max’s plate when the old hospital building collapses. Though only a small part of the structure undergoes this situation, yet the impact would leave Max in a position which he never imagined before. Max often tries to equip the hospital for better functioning. However, the building’s collapse following the flood of patients with the hazardous chemical spill would bring ED into chaos.


New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12: Precap And Storyline

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12, titled “Things Fall Apart,” doesn’t seem encouraging at all. Well, this is a show that often comes with some heartbreaking stuff like we’ve never seen before. Now, this episode seems to bring more chaos to the hospital facility. As the promo teased, the breakdown of the pipeline and the chemical spill would cause severe damage.

However, New Amsterdam is the oldest hospital in the city, and when its structure collapses, it isn’t what Max and other doctors were prepared for before. Above all, the chemical seems hazardous as the promo teased that it could damage the vision, and some of the doctors and staff members appear in a terrifying position at this moment. Will Max resolve this problem as soon as possible?

As per this episode’s official synopsis, the pipeline will burst, which will bring chaos to the hospital. Meanwhile, Iggy will listen to a stressed couple wailing about the problems they are dealing with in their parenthood. Calvin and Gwen, on the other hand, will bring some devastating news for Max.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12: Iggy Tries To Balance The Situation

Iggy will try to counsel the parents who are stressing over their child. But he will find himself in a little familiar position. Though he warned Chance to stay away from him, his daughter’s closeness with Chance leaves him to think again about their relationship. However, Iggy doesn’t seem to give another chance to that guy. But will he make the tough decision for the sake of his daughter?

Max Needs To Act Quickly

Throughout the series, Max has tried to make the hospital a better place for the patients while pushing asides his personal problems. Now he comes across another big obstacle that needs his attention. But, during this process, he would learn multiple meanings of time to heal. It’s just the beginning of the traumatic situation where his staff needs his help. But could he handle this?

A Quick Recap!

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 11, titled “Pressure Drop,” revolved around the arrival of the heatwave. Lauren calls a week off to stay with Leyla while Floyd saved a child trapped in the hot car. However, the weather gave Max his next goal in life to help reduce Global Warming. Thus he asked their Radiology department to issue them gloves. Meanwhile, Chance tried his best to stay with Iggy, but Iggy warned him to call the cops if Chance continues.

But Iggy seems upset when he watched his daughter wearing Chance’s hat on her head while returning home. Elsewhere, in the middle of the romantic encounter, Lauren mistakenly left Leyla wondering that she had a negative impact earlier on Leyla’s character. Meanwhile, Floyd asked the CPS to have some mercy on the doctor who left his son in the car. Helen, on the other side finally decided to visit the Islam Cultural Center.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12: When Will It Air?

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12, titled “Things Fall Apart,” will land tomorrow on your screens. It will air on Tuesday, May 18, at 10/9c only on NBC. Further, you can also watch the entire third season on rent on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and iTunes.

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