May 26, 2024
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Manifest Season 3 Episode 11: Passengers Fate Is In Danger In “Duty-Free”! Know Release Date

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11, the three-part finale, will set the bars higher for the upcoming finale. Well, Ben’s arrest will indeed create plenty of problems in the Stone family. However, it doesn’t look like without Ben, Saanvi could perform the experiment properly. Until now, we have seen that the 828 passengers are highly dependent on Ben and his theories about following those Callings. But with Ben’s gone, things would turn upside-down in everyone’s life. Let’s see how?


Manifest Season 3 Episode 11: Preview And Storyline

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11, titled “Duty Free,” will follow the aftermath of Ben’s action. Well, Ben tried to save Cody’s son, but it ended up with Ben in the trial room. However, his wife Grace will find herself in the middle of the chaos, which indeed put their marriage on the verge. But can Grace bear the consequences? Meanwhile, Michaela will put her duty first as she’ll make a tough choice regarding Saanvi’s dark secret.

However, it could come out against her favor as it might put Saanvi behind bars. Elsewhere, Saanvi will get caught in a strange place trying to warn everyone about the upcoming danger. But it doesn’t seem that she would succeed. Finally, Cal will consider the warning signs which he received and will help an outcast. Will he make up everything in time? It looks like the passengers must consider the callings seriously now.

Can Saanvi Stop The Calamity?

Michaela had a rough time dealing with all her cases, including Ben’s attempt to murder one. However, things aren’t getting any easier for her as the callings she has received during the process brought more obstacles in her path. Meanwhile, she has a big task to accomplish, which is finding Saanvi. On the other hand, Saanvi and Troy left to close the volcano’s opening, which seems the earthquake’s epicenter. Though it looks like they succeeded in their mission yet, they have miles to go.

Elsewhere, Saanvi is still trying to find the mystery behind the ark piece, but the pair’s experiment seems to end up with a massive blast. Will Troy and Saanvi survive this time? However, Cal also saw the glimpse of a volcano eruption- would that mean the catastrophe would begin again? Well, Saanvi needs to hurry up to resolve this. But she must tell everything to Michaele before Mick gets hurt during the process. As we can see her in fire, is it really the end of Mick?

A Quick Recap!

In Manifest Season 3 Episode 10, titled “Compass Calibration,” Cal saw a glimpse of a volcano inside his snow globe and burned himself. Meanwhile, Zeke revealed that Saanvi killed the Major and advised Mick to take Saanvi in her custody. Elsewhere, Ben and Grace decided to boycott Angelina due to her conflict with Olive. However, in the middle of this fuss, an earthquake hits New York City.

But Eden saved Angelina from crushing. Meanwhile, Ben tried to save Cody’s son, but he almost got arrested for murdering Cody during this process. On the other hand, Saanvi took everything into her hands after Vance refused to help her. So she took the driftwood to the fissures at the earthquake’s origin, and later it stopped. But, as soon as Mick arrived there, she found no trace of Saanvi.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11: When It Will Release?

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11, titled “Duty Free,” will land tomorrow on the network. It will air this Thursday, June 3, at 8/7c only on NBC. The new episodes will air every Thursday with a runtime of around 43 minutes. You can even catch this episode on the NBC app or NBC’s official website. Further, cable-free users can stream the show live on YouTube TV, FuboTV, Sling TV, and DirecTV. Stay tuned for more updates.

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