June 17, 2024
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Final Space Season 3 Episode 12: Will Lord Commander Return? Know Release Date & More

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Final Space Season 3 Episode 11 has already raised the stakes higher as the series is approaching its finale. However, instead of ending the battle, fans might expect an epic showdown in Final Space Season 3 Episode 12. Well, the team looks puzzled and has no clue which way they want to go after witnessing their close one’s death. But it seems like the path has already chosen them, which would indeed lead them to a massive battle to save the universe.


Final Space Season 3 Episode 12: Preview And Storyline

In Final Space Season 3 Episode 12, titled “The Leaving,” the team will decide which way they want to go. Well, in the past episode, the Team Squad faced plenty of challenges, including their shipwreck. But it would leave them in a baffled state where they have to decide whether to want to fight with the Titans or leave them alone.

Further, in the past episode, the team learned that Ash’s eagerness to go against the squad was only to escape from the Titans. It might leave a huge impact on the team. While scrutinizing, they will discover a long-held secret. It could even break the team dynamic forever. However, they must come across a plan as they are still traveling in the space where anything could happen.

Is Lord Commander Dead?

In the last episode, the Team Squad managed to destroy the ship and Lord Commander’s body. But he somehow managed to transport his mind in the Unborn Titan. Well, we can’t forget that there is still an army of Unborn Titans present in the core of the earth.

Now that he managed to transfer his mind there, we can expect the birth of Commander in the new form of Titan. But if Commander revived, then there’s a high possibility that it would return to rule the universe, from which the group is unaware of at the moment.

A Quick Recap!

Final Space Season 3 Episode 11, titled “The Dead Speak,” opened with the Lord Commander executing Bolo. However, he somehow managed to escape while the ship was wrecked during this process. Out of the blue, Invictus appeared and began accusing of hosting a revolution against him. But Lord reminded him about their deal. Meanwhile, the Team Squad learned that the ship is about to sink. But before they could fix it, troops of Zombie Garys attacked them.

Soon Invictus tried to manipulate Sheryl but failed as she helped the team kill all of the Zombie Garys, excluding one who appeared as the real Gary Godspeed. Meanwhile, Ash removed Invictus from her body while sharing her experience from the past until that moment. But she soon died, and the team realized that several Titans are still wandering in the space.

Final Space Season 3 Episode 12: When It Will Release?

Final Space Season 3 Episode 12, titled “The Leaving,” will serve as this season’s two-part finale. It will air this Sunday, June 6, at 12:30 am ET only on Adult Swim with a runtime of around 30 minutes. You can also watch Final Space Season 3 on HBO Max soon after it wraps up airing on Adult Swim. So don’t miss it.

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