April 23, 2024
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Succession Season 3: Will Premiere This Fall! Showrunner Teased Future Plans, More Details

Succession Season 3

A good news for the fans of Succession. Casey Bloys the chief content officer of HBO and HBO Max, has indirectly revealed that Succession Season 3 will return this fall after a long hiatus.


HBO’s Succession follows a dysfunctional Roy family. It follows Logan Roy (Brian Cox) struggles to maintain his company, Waystar Royco, adrift while dealing with his ill health. First, he tried to find a CEO for Waystar Royco who could handle his business in his wake. But each kid attempted their best possible efforts to prove to Logan that they are the best choice. However, it further affected the family dynamic.

Succession Season 3: Production Has Finally Begun!


HBO announced back in March 2020 that the show would be deferred due to the pandemic in mid-March when the third season was still in pre-production. Soon in August, the showrunner Jesse Armstrong teased that they plan to begin filming later in 2020. However, he wasn’t sure at that time. But we are glad to report that Succession Season 3 began filming in December 2020 in New York.

Soon Bloys confirmed in January 2021 that filming commenced in New York despite the initial plan to shift to Los Angeles. Then, in late March, Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg) shared a snap of him standing in front of Waystar Royco. Howbeit it remains unclear how long the production would take to conclude. Yet, it’s safe to say that it won’t take a couple of months to wrap up.

Succession Season 3: Star Cast Expanded

Big Little Lies alum Alexander Skarsgård is all set to join the Succession team in a recurring role as Lukas Matsson, a successful tech founder and CEO. Apart from Alexander, Oscar winner Adrien Brody will also join as Josh Aaronson, a billionaire activist investor who indulges in the Waystar ownership battle. Besides them, there are some more stars who will join the show.

As per reports, Hope Davis will play Sandi Furness, Logan’s rival Sandy Furness’s (Larry Pine) daughter. Sanaa Lathan will appear as Lisa Arthur, a high-profile NY lawyer. Linda Emond has been tapped to play senior White House assistant Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven. Jihae will portray Berry Schnieder, a leading public relations consultant. Aside, the original star cast of the Roy family will once again return to resolve the battle for the company.

Succession Season 3: Creator And Cox Dropped Hints About What To Come

Back in November, the series writer Lucy Prebble said that though it’s pretty early to discuss the story arc, fans can expect many international tours. However, they haven’t discussed the international countries’ input, funds, and media control the way they should do. Thus, being the media and hospitality industry, there are a lot of possibilities that Logan would try to build relationships with other international companies.

Previously, Brian Cox fueled the fans’ suspicion about Logan’s smirk in the finale while watching Kendall taking over the company. Cox said Logan knows his boy has finally grown up, and now he’s up to some positive action. But it doesn’t mean Cox would leave him. The battle is still on. There are a lot of fireworks that are about to come between the father and son dynamic. Further, it’s thrilling to see Roman in action. As he turned out as the hidden gun under the table in the final moments.

Will Pandemic Play A Part?

Well, fans have been speculating whether Succession will feature the pandemic in the third season. Sarah Snook (Shiv) lately teased that the viewers are aware of the crisis. And Succession isn’t that show which should cover such stories. So, fans can expect Roys to do things that they love the most and good at, instead of heading to pandemic-related stories. But, Sarah mocked that if Armstrong wants to cover such a story, then indeed he wants it to be just classy and delicate.

Succession Season 3: Future Revealed

Though fans certainly believed that the show would last forever, executive producer Georgia Pritchett shared that they have foreseen the end. Georgia revealed that the series would possibly run only till five seasons. She noted that even Armstrong has already begun mapping the future of the series. But, she hinted that the series could continue a bit longer, as Armstrong might stick around one additional season. But whenever the series could end, the crew already prepared for a “good one.”

Succession Season 3: Release Date


Bloys has recently told Deadline that they are aiming for a fourth-quarter air date this year. Though the series received plenty of setbacks and the filming is still underway, Bloys confirmed that Succession Season 3 will air this fall. But, the official air date has yet to announce. Further, you can stream the first two seasons soon on HBO Max.

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