March 5, 2024
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Busted Season 4: Will It Ever Happen? All The Lates Details

Busted Season 4

Netflix’s very first original Korean variety show, Busted, completed its third run earlier this year. And the followers of the series are already demanding to see Busted Season 4. All the previous three installments met with an exceptional reception. Most of the series was about breaking down the mystery of Project D, and it kept the audience engaged in the show. So, will they ever be able to see the fourth installment of this Kdrama? Here is everything to know. 


Busted is a South Korean original Netflix TV series. SangSang Company co-produced this show along with Netflix. The inaugural season of the Korean show made its debut on May 4, 2018, and ran for the next two seasons. Ever since then, fans of the show are waiting for the announcement of the fourth season of the show. 

 Busted Season 4

Busted Season 4: Renewal Status!

After the premiere of this variety show’s third season, Netflix concluded that it would conclude the series. The eight-episode run of its third installment provided a conclusion to the show. The series finale already revealed the truth about Project D. Therefore nothing is left to continue its storyline now.

The followers of the Kdrama found this announcement to be a bit sudden and had a hard time dealing with it. As of now, Busted Season 4 remains to be canceled. The main reason behind this decision was that the makers didn’t want to extend its story for no reason. They thought that the third season could provide a satisfying ending to the series, and that’s what happened. 

Busted Season 4

Will The Series Ever Return? 

After the cancelation of this show, several fans were asking that is there any chance of this show to return for the fourth installment. The probability of Busted Season 4 happening is zero. But there is a slight possibility that the fans will get to see a spin-off series in the near future.

Busted Season 4

The viewers really enjoyed several major celebrities unraveling puzzles, and it was quite amusing for them to watch. But Busted is already ended, and since there are no chances for its return, the makers might come up with a different show with the same concept.

Busted Season 4: Release Date

As previously mentioned, Busted Season 4 is not on the cards, so it is impossible to tell about its release date. But if it gets renewal from the makers in some time, then it might premiere by the end of 2022.

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