Hello My Twenties Season 3

Hello My Twenties Season 3: Renewed? What Will Happen Next? Release Date

Hello My Twenties Season 3: The first two installments of Hello My Twenties focused on the life of young teenage girls and how they chose to interact with the world around them. Its brilliant and realistic content impressed the viewers, and now they want to see Hello My Twenties Season 3. They are anticipating the return of the residents of Belle Epoque. So, will it ever happen? Here is everything to know. 

Hello My Twenties, also known as Age of Youth, is a South Korean TV series. Celltrion entertainment created its first season, whereas the Take 2 media group took responsibility for its sequel. The 12-episode inaugural installment made its debut on July 22, 2016, on JTBC. After its conclusion, the series got a renewal for the second installment that came out on August 25, 2017, and ended after running for fourteen episodes on October 7, 2017. 

Hello My Twenties Season 3

Hello My Twenties Season 3: Canceled Or Renewed?

The inaugural installment of the series got a great response from the viewers and the critics, whereas the second one got an even better response from them. Everyone agreed that the second season of Age of Youth was better as it addressed several important topics. It has already been three years since its completion, and the makers are yet to provide any update.

By the end of the first season, the series average ratings were 1.329%. Whereas, by the end of the second one, it increased to 2.836%. So, according to this, Hello My Twenties Season 3 should be on the cards. However, South Korean dramas rarely got a renewal for the second season. Age of Youth is one of those rare shows that ran for two installments. Also, the second season concluded its storyline and left no loose ends. Therefore, the chances for the third season of this romance drama to happen are very less. 

Hello My Twenties Season 3

What’s The Show About? 

The plot of Hello My Twenties revolves around five girls who have different personalities, goals, and tastes in men. All of them live in a share house known as Bella Epoque. They also face everyday problems just like other girls, and at the end of the day, they share their pain and happiness with each other. All of these five girls are in a relationship which resulted in an emotional attachment.

The storyline is quite relatable and is full of romance and drama. All five girls had great character development throughout their journeys of two seasons and presented something different for the viewers to see. In addition, Age of Youth tries to cover the issues that younger generations are likely to come across in South Korea.

Hello My Twenties Season 3

Hello MyTwenties Season 3: Release Date

According to a representative of the production company, the third season of the series wasn’t even in discussions. So, it is clear that the probability of the third season hitting the screens is almost zero. However, if by any miracle, they ever decide to renew the Kdrama for its third run, then the fans can expect Hello My Twenties Season 3 to premiere sometime in 2023. 


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