Silicon Valley Season 7

Silicon Valley Season 7: Renewed? Creator Teases Potential Return

Silicon Valley finished its run on HBO back in 2019. However, the cliffhanger ending of the final run left the door wide open for Silicon Valley Season 7 or even a potential spinoff.

Created by John Altschuler, David Krinsky, and Mike Judge, the Emmy-nominated series is a rebellious spoof of the present-day tech sector. It follows the chronicles of Richard Hendricks’ startup company named Pied Piper and how he maintains to keep it afloat in the highly competitive world.

Silicon Valley Season 7: Is It Renewed For The Next Run?

Despite the massive fan base and affluence of content to draw from, Silicon Valley’s creators and EPs Mike Judge and Alec Berg declared prior to the season 6 premiere that it would mark the end of this series. Speaking with Deadline, they cited that they’ll definitely miss the series, but they have always planned to end Pied Piper’s journey in such a way. Thus, even the sixth season seems the perfect conclusion for this story.

The show has been highly critically acclaimed since the beginning. The last season gained 94% of positive responses on Rotten Tomatoes and 78 on Metacritic. Further, Bill Gates stated in an interview that he’s a loyal fan of the series and even had a cameo in the finale. Despite its enormous success and earning five Primetime Emmy Awards nods, the series fate is in limbo as HBO hasn’t canceled the series. Thus, there’s a hope that Silicon Valley could return with the seventh run sometime in the future.

Silicon Valley Season 7: Finale Left A Loose End To Explore

The final season gave a proper sendoff to each character in a documentary-style following a ten-year time jump. Gavin Belson had written around thirty romantic novels while Gilfoyle and Dinesh had their cybersecurity firm and were neighbors. Monica joined the NSA while Jared began working with the elderly. Big Head was now Richard’s boss who was working at Stanford as a teacher. However, Laurie Bream has been seen in prison for an undefined crime.

Speaking on the docu-style ending, the co-creator Alec Berg said that it allowed them to wrap the show excitingly. Howbeit, they never broadcasted the initial plan, which they mapped after the second season. Yet the finale resembled their original ending plot. Even deep down, everybody knew that this documentary-style ending would succeed in the end, said Alec.

Alec Mocked Silicon Valley Season 7 Could Return

In an interview with Deadline, Alec mocked that in the finale, they left few things open in a way that they could return in the following years. He said that while writing the finale, there was speculation that if the scene ends in that particular manner, it could lead to something further down the line. As of now, there’s no concrete plan. Whether sometime in the future they could return to explore those stories. Yet if they return, then it would be a limited run. But soon, Alec said that if there’s such a plan, then he’d do it quickly.

Laurie Bream Spinoff Might Happen

While the finale concluded in a satisfactory docu-style, it still opened the door to explore Laurie’s story. It remains unclear how Laurie ended up in prison and what happened with her venture. However, the creator hasn’t yet confirmed whether they would delve deeper into Laurie’s storyline. But let’s hope it could return to give her proper sendoff.


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