June 15, 2024
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The OA Season 3: Creator Teased Season 3 Could Return! Know Latest Updates

The OA Season 3

It has been almost two long years since Netflix canceled Th OA. Still, the devoted fans, even the series creators, haven’t given up their hopes for The OA Season 3. As co-creator Zal Batmanglij’s cryptic post left many fans to wonder whether the third run could finally return.


When the series debuted back in 2016, it explored supernatural, sci-fi, and fantasy elements that one could ever imagine. However, the abrupt cancelation left many fans dangling. Now let’s see whether or not it could return.

The OA Season 3: Will It Ever Happen?

Although the series received immense popularity, Netflix canceled the show in August 2019. However, the premature ending led many fans to launch a campaign to save their favorite show. But it has been two years, and still, Netflix hasn’t commented on reviving the series for the third run. Soon after its cancelation, the series star Jason Issacs cited that it feels awful when a good show ends before its typical choice. Even at one point, the devoted fans asked Hillary Duff to watch the show when she tweeted, “What show should we watch?”

Many fans soon find it safe to promote their campaign #SaveTheOA in the hope that the streamer would pick it for the next run. Well, it shows the series has greatly influenced the viewers. Although Netflix has rescued several shows, it doesn’t feel like it would be the case with The OA. Since the streamer has canceled several popular series this year despite their strong viewership.

The Star Believes It Could Run More

Back in 2019, Jason said in an interview that they believed the series could run up to season 5. He said they have already mapped out how things would shift after season 2’s cliffhanger finale. At first, he thought the second season finale marked the show’s ending. However, the creators later explained where sea son 3 was going to be. There is so much to explore, yet it feels unbearable when they get the opportunity to do it.

Will It Return In Movie Format?

Unfortunately, unlike Sense8, which got a chance to conclude the show through a 2-hour movie, Netflix won’t do the same with The OA. As per the reports, the series creator Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij weren’t interested in wrapping up the series finale in a short film. Well, the series has a lot to share, and the movie wouldn’t grant them the apt time to wrap any story arcs the way they wanted. However, the film could be a great way to conclude everything.

The Creator Teased It Return

Despite Netflix being mum, the creators never missed any chance to tease real-life puzzles, which made the fans believed that show is still in the cards. Zal shared the “Q Symphony” game to hype the fans’ expectations. Then, the creators shared a storm imaginary and captioned it in the show’s language. That hints at a new storm would return and left many fans diving down the rabbit hole.

Soon after this post, Zal’s cryptic Instagram posts caught many fans’ eyes. One hinted that perhaps the colored tiles teased when The OA could return. As per the theory, the letters correlate to the colors: yellow cyan, white tiles with letter f, and magenta means YCFM, You come find me? Is it? But the creators didn’t officially confirm anything yet.

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