May 26, 2024
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Ray Donovan Movie: Release Window Out! Levine’s Comment On Show’s Cancelation & More

Ray Donovan Movie

Stop complaining! As we’ve finally got the release date of the Ray Donovan Movie. It is certainly one of the most anticipated films as it is set to conclude the story of the Ray Donovan TV series that ran for seven installments. There was a time when the network canceled the show after the seventh season. But later they decided to change their minds due to the backlash from the fans. Now, the fans of the drama will finally get the conclusive ending they deserve. So, when will the movie premiere? Here are all the latest details.


Ray Donovan is an American neo-noir crime drama TV series. The pilot episode of the series broke the viewership records for Showtime and became the biggest premiere on the network. The inaugural season of the show premiered on June 30, 2013, and ran for a total of seven seasons. However, on February 4, 2020, the network surprisingly canceled the series. But, after 20 days, they announced a feature-length film that will conclude its story. 

Ray Donovan Movie

Ray Donovan Movie: Plot Details

The officials at Showtime revealed very little about the plot of the film. According to them, it will pick up at the exact moment where the seventh season left off. The viewers will see Mickey in the wind. Ray will try everything to stop before he can do more destruction.

Ray Donovan Movie will fold the present-day fallout from the feud of Sullivan and Donovan with the origin story of Ray and Mickey that took place 30 years ago. When the makers released the synopsis, they also stated that they only revived this show because the fans were not ready to say goodbye to it. Now they’re pleased that Liev and David are creating a final chapter full of thrill and surprises for this iconic show.

Ray Donovan Movie

Showtime Boss On Show’s Cancelation

The Television Critics Association held a press tour where the panel of Showtime revealed when fans could expect to see the Ray Donovan Movie. During the TCA press tour, Gary Levine was questioned about the cancelation of Ray Donovan back in 2020 and the process that led him to announce a new movie. Levine replied that it is very difficult to make a decision sometimes. He added that in the best cases, they plan for it, and then it led to a beautiful nice landing.

He tried to explain by taking the example of Homeland and Shameless. Levine said, “Homeland had a stunning finale in that respect as did Shameless, and sometimes it can’t be prepared, and events just make the decision a little more unexpected, and unhappily that was the case with Ray Donovan. I don’t believe it was closing it after seven seasons— although some people would prefer it to go on endlessly— I guess it was the abruptness of the cancellation.”

Ray Donovan Movie

Ray Donovan Movie: Release Date

During the press tour of TCA, the panel revealed that they are looking to release the film this Winter. Ray Donovan Movie will premiere in the first quarter of 2022 on Showtime. The network hasn’t confirmed any specific release date. But they assured the fans that it would come out in the very first quarter of next year. So, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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