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What If Season 2: Premiere Next Year? What To Expect & All The Latest Details

The first season of What If is yet to conclude on Disney+, but there is already a solid hype around What If Season 2. It is certainly one of the most intriguing animated series of Marvel so far, which explores the events that happen in the alternate timeline of the universe. Brad Winderbaum recently hinted at the release date of the show’s second season and what to expect from it. So, when will it come out? Here is everything to know.

What If…? is an American action-adventure anthology animated TV series. It is an adaptation of Marvel’s comic series of the same title. It is Marvel Studios’ first animated and fourth overall series. The inaugural season of this show premiered on August 11, 2021. At the time of writing, three episodes have been released. And the series is set to run for nine-episode, which will conclude on October 6, 2021. 

What If Season 2: Renewal Status

What If…? was ordered under the fourth phase of the MCU. It quickly managed to hook the viewers into its intriguing storyline. Every single episode explores a different timeline and left the viewers wondering about the next one. MCU already knew that this show would perform well, and hence they already renewed What If Season 2 in advance.

The second season will also come up with nine episodes, and the great thing is that it will include movies and series from Phase Four as well. So, there is a possibility that in the future, it might explore the alternate timelines of Shang Chi and Marvel’s Eternals as well. Therefore, the second season will arrive with the possibility to explore a lot more characters and storylines. 

What To Expect From The Sequel?

ScreenRant recently had a chat with Kevin Fiege, where he talked about the future of this intriguing animated series. He was asked about how the second season will explore the multiverse of Phase Four. To this question, Fiege replied, “That’s the amusing thing about having the What If…? series now. We can search questions just like that, and I will say, just as the first season is drawing into films and storylines from the MCU that you’ve witnessed up to this point, What If Season 2 will surely include movies from Phase Four.”

It is also likely that the fans will see more of Peggy Carter/Captain Carter in future episodes. She is set to become a prominent character in the animated series. Marvel Studios is yet to clarify whether the show will only feature separate one-off stories or will join it together in the end to form a wider narrative. 

What If Season 2: Release Date

The producer of What If, David Winderbaum, recently had an interview with Collider in which he talked about the arrival of the second season. During the chat, he revealed that they renewed this show animating the show takes a long time. So, with this early renewal, they are expecting that What If Season 2 might come out in 2022. However, he also added that he wouldn’t like to predict the future, but their intention is to release this show annually.

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