April 13, 2024
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True Detective Season 4: HBO In Talks To Bring New Writers To The Panel! Will It Happen?

True Detective

While the creator Nic Pizzolatto discussed the possibility to return with True Detective Season 4 earlier in 2019, it still remains a mystery whether season 4 is actually happening? The gritty crime series delighted the fans when it debuted back in 2014. It follows the anthology-style featuring the stellar talents in every season.


The first season explored Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey’s triumph performance. While the second run starred Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, and Rachel McAdams, who unearth the mystery behind the corrupt politician murder. However, it took almost four months to come back with the third run starring two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. He played Arkansas State Police detective who tries to solve a cold murder case. And despite the talk of making season 4, its faith remains uncertain after the creator left HBO. So now, let’s see whether it could happen or not.

True Detective Season 4: Will It Ever Happen?

Deadline reported in February 2021 that Casey Bloys, the chief content officer of HBO and HBO Max, was looking forward to bring True Detective Season 4. Casey told Deadline that the network was collaborating with some writers who can bring the show back to life. However, if HBO failed to find the right and fine quality script, season 4 won’t happen. So, although the network showed their interest in the show, yet they haven’t renewed it.

So far, the series has gained enormous popularity and earned 8 million viewers an episode. Thus there’s no doubt that the network will likely continue with True Detective. Moreover, soon after the third season’s release, Casey seemed delighted by how Nic hiked the excitement level in every season. But despite these reviews, the fate of the series still remains up in the air.

Euphoria Creators Onboard

Nic Pizzalatto wrote the first three seasons of the show and was the creator of the series. Although he cited in 2019 that he is looking forward to returning with the fourth run, Nic left HBO after signing a deal with FX. In the interview, Nic also mentioned that he has already mapped the fourth season ahead of the premiere of the third run. But his first-look deal with FX resulted in his departure from the series.

Further, as reported by Deadline, Casey and HBO are possibly seeking new talents to craft the fourth run. As per the rumors, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson and Lucia Puenzo, who is co-creator of Cromo (Argentine eco-crime drama), would replace Nic. Well, Casey has already hinted that they have ordered a couple of writers to pen down the fourth run. So it could be possible that they could be amongst the group of writers who HBO and Casey considered.

Will It Continue Without Nic Pizzolatto?

There is speculation that Nic might not return as the series creator of the show after his deal with FX. But there’s a slight chance that he could return. Recently The Hollywood Reporter stated that Nic has been looking for a way to negotiate an early exit from FX’s first-look deal.

Well, it could be a great sign that would mark his return to the fourth run. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in 2019, Nic teased that the fourth run would bring a crazier element to remodel the structure. Thus if he returns, possibly it could delve into the challenging and wild side, which he teased.

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