June 18, 2024
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SWAT Season 5: Set To Premiere In October! What Will Happen Next?

SWAT Season 5

SWAT Season 5 is all set to hit the screens in the next couple of months. CBS finally announced the most-anticipated release date of the fifth season of this action-drama series. In the new season, the fans might finally get to see Street and Chris together. Also, the new installment will return with a lot of action that will be more intense and better than the previous ones. So, when will it hit the screens? Here are all the latest details. 


SWAT is an American crime drama action TV series. Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan developed this show for CBS. It is an adaptation of the 1975 series of the same name. The first season of the show came out on November 2, 2017. Since then, the network has released a total of four installments.

SWAT Season 5

SWAT Season 5: Production Status

The series got a renewal for its fifth installment earlier this year in April. Its filming began after the completion of the fourth season in May. However, it faced a major obstacle in the form of the delta variant of the Coronavirus. The production is going on in California, and suddenly the new variant of the virus began to spread there.

Deadline also confirmed that there were five positive cases on the sets of this show as well. The great thing is that none of the core members were positive, and that’s why the filming of SWAT Season 5 hasn’t been suspended. The cast and crew are still working on the sets to make sure that the fifth season will come on the already announced premiere date. 

SWAT Season 5

What Will Happen Next? 

As mentioned above, the forthcoming season will finally feature Chris and Street together. They are building up this angle, and the producers of the series are also high on it. Shawn Ryan also talked about it in his recent interview with TVline. He said, “We’re quite aware of the fan interest in a potential romantic relationship between Street and Chris, and we have every intention in giving some cessation about it the fifth seas on. Big developments are in store for the two of them.”

When SWAT Season 5 will return to CBS, the main focus will be on Hondo, who is in Mexico. A new character named Rodrigo Sanchez will also appear in the fifth season. He is a 20-year LAPD veteran and is also a former SWAT member. He left the organization to pursue his job in LAPD. This character is going to play a major role in the upcoming season and will likely reveal a lot of interesting things.

SWAT Season 5

SWAT Season 5: Release Date

Initially, there were speculations that the release date of the fifth season might get pushed. But since the production hasn’t seen any breaks, it will likely not happen. CBS already announced that SWAT Season 5 would premiere on Friday, October 1, 2021. Now, fans just can’t wait to see a new season full of action and crime drama.

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