How to Be A Cowboy Season 2

How To Be A Cowboy Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2? More Exciting Details

The Radiator Ranch Cattle Company will be hoping to return with How To Be A Cowboy Season 2 soon, as season 1 leaves the fans eager to see more. The show has made an impressive start releasing in September. The cowboy reality show follows Dale Brisby, an expert bull rider, social media personality, and savvy businessman. In the series, we see Dale passing out his cowboy talents and his ranch experience to enthusiasts who are willing to give their all to become the classic American cowboys.

The foundation of the series is the all-American cowboy experienced concocted with entertaining scenes, with not much substance giving a feel-good and easy-going experience to the viewers. After a fun season 1, the fans would be looking forward to a second season. Keep reading ahead to know all the news about Season 2 of How to Be A Cowboy.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Dan Brisby, the executive- producer of the show, has shown keen emphasis on keeping the cowboy experience alive all through the episodes of the series. Dale’s running ranch is at the forefront of the show, and his mindset about cowboy tradition is the show’s soul. Therefore, season 2 of How To Be A Cowboy is highly anticipated. Netflix will decide the fate of the next run, considering the financial parameters of season 1. However, no news about the confirmation or cancelation of the show has come yet. 

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How To Be A Cowboy: Season 1 Recap

The scene of season 1 displays the classic arrangements of raches, including bulls, ponies, cows, and the wide-open lands to ride on your horses. Isn’t that every cowboy’s dream come true? It certainly is for young rodeo riders seeking training. Dale takes on these younglings on an adventure to learning the all-American countryside lifestyle.

His Radiator Ranch crew assisted Dale, including his younger brother Leroy Gibbons, a reputed top roper, Cheech, and former assistant Donnie. Further, we see Jorden Holderson, the new understudy from North Carolina. She is a professional bull rider who is returning to the ring following a knee surgery recovery. She is in charge of handling the bulls at the ranch. Also, she seems pretty excited about learning about the ranching lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the story turns more humoring when a bully named Carl escapes from his designated confinement spot. The ranchers begin their search for Carl and go where they think he might be. First, they attempt to rope the bull into the trailer. However, when the bull is almost inside, it breaks looks and nearly stomps Donnie to death. Luckily for Donnie, he makes a near escape. 

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The ranchers finally get hold of the bull and decide to sell it, as Carl is exceptionally wild and dangerous to keep. Dale, along with Donnie and Jorden, returns to fix the fence. At the sale, Carl is sold, and a new bull is bought for Jorden to ride on. Jordan names the bull Frostbite due to his white completion, which also runs away. Jordan then finally rides a bull after medical treatment when they get Frostbite back. It will be interesting to see what new adaptations season 2 of How To Be A Cowboy can bring to the table.

Who Can feature In Next Season?

When How To Be A Cowboy returns for Season 2, all the first season cast, including Dale Brisby, Leroy Gibbons, Donnie Ray Daytona, Cheech, and Jorden Halvorsen. New additions in the star cast are expected, as Dale revealed that he had hired six additional assistants late in season 1.

How To Be A Cowboy Season 2: Premiere Date

Currently, the fans await the news about the series’ renewal for How To Be A Cowboy Season 2. Considering Netflix renews the show soon, Season 2 is anticipated to return in the third quarter of 2022. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates.


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