The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3: Stars Confirms It’s A Wrap! Release Date And More

The series stars recently shared some set of pictures teasing that filming of Amazon’s The Boys Season 3 has finally wrapped up. Based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s parody comic book series of the same name, The Boys takes place in a universe where the locals worship people with superpowers. But, outside their heroic personas, they are corrupt and arrogant and work for the powerful Vought International.

However, the eponymous Boys decide to show these superheroes real faces to the world. After Billy shows Hughie the footage of A-Train laughing at Robin’s death. Over time the show has explored the darkest and dirtiest side of the supes. That soon garnered massive applause from the devoted fans. Further, the show has recently received six Emmy Awards nominations for the Outstanding Drama Series.

The Boys Season 3: Production Concluded

Karl Urban recently took to Instagram to celebrate the last day on the set. He shared his signature selfie wearing a mask on a plane on September 10. Although it remains unclear when the production exactly wrapped up, Karl stated, “that’s a wrap” in his post. He further thanked the incredible cast and crew for their remarkable work. He also praised the production team for working hard and keeping them safe during the pandemic.

Jensen Ackles Recalls His Popular Show

Shortly after Karl’s post, Jensen Ackles, who recently joined the show as the Vought’s first supe known as Soldier Boy, shared commemorations on Instagram. First, Ackles shared a short video revealing that season 3’s last day on set coincides with his other big show’s anniversary. “Fun fact for you all,” Ackles said, “September 10, 2020, a year ago today was the last day on Supernatural set. Now September 10, 2021, is the last day on The Boys set.” What a coincidence!

Jack Quaid And Erin Moriarty Fly Back Home

Meanwhile, Jack, who plays Hughie, also took to Instagram to share the filming updates. He also confirmed that he had wrapped filming his scenes. Jack shared a picture of him with a thumbs-up on a plane back to his home. On the other hand, Erin, who plays Hughie’s love interest Starlight, shared an image flaunting her tattoo after moving back to Los Angeles last week.

The Boys Season 3: What We Can Expect?

The Boys Season 3 has recently revealed that the pilot episode will be entitled “Payback.” Though little is known to date, the creator confirmed that Payback would travel back in time. It will explore another superhero team led by Soldier Boy during WWII. So, the pilot episode will explore the history of all the members of the team. Well, some of the members have appeared in various roles in the last season. So now, let’s see how the third season will tie up the missing threads.

The Boys Season 3: Is Release Date Out?

Given that filming has finally wrapped up, it won’t take much time to conclude its pre-production work. Well, season 1 wrapped up filming in September 2018. But it debuted in July 2019. Likewise, the second season wrapped its filming in November 2019 and took months to return on the screen. Thus deeming the amount it takes to wrap up post-production work, it seems The Boys Season 3 could return in mid-2022.


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