May 29, 2024
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90 Day Fiance: Loren-Alexei Post Pictures Of TWIN BABIES! Reveals REAL Name Of Baby #2!

90 Day Fiance

Baby Boten is finally home! After being in the NICU for three whole weeks, the little boy was brought home with celebrity parents, Loren and Alexei Brovarnik. The 90 Day Fiance veteran couple recently posted a family photo with both their kids and revealed the name of their second child. Fans were excited to see Baby Boten, and now that his parents have posted pictures with him, they are sending in a lot of best wishes for the family. Here’s all you need to know.


90 Day Fiance: Loren-Alexie Share Pictures Of Their TWINS!

After a stressful month, Loren and her Israeli husband were finally able to bring their baby boy home. Since he was born prematurely, Baby Boten had been facing some health issues. Due to this, he had to be in the NICU for a long time. During the three weeks that her son was in the hospital, Loren was extremely stressed and even talked about Postpartum depression. However, the young mom and her kids’ father took a breath of relief as their second child was out of danger. Last week, they were finally able to take him home.

Once the new family member was settled in his home, the Brovarniks uploaded a stunning family photo. The couple posed alongside both their sons, and fans were overwhelmed with the cuteness. Later on, Alexei reshared a story, with a picture of two babies side by side, with the caption “Twins”. Both Alex and Loren were tagged in this picture, so a lot of their followers were confused if the couple had twin babies.

90 Day Fiance
Instagram: @alex_brovarnik

However, as it turns out, the two babies in the picture were Baby Boten and his older brother. The collage included one-year-old Shai Brovarnik’s picture from when he was a newborn. Moreover, the two siblings looked exactly the same as newborns, which is why they were called twins. In the family photo, Shai looked happy to welcome his baby brother.

90 Day Fiance: Brovarniks Reveal Real Name Of Their Second Baby!

Loren had a nickname for both their baby boys even before they were born. During the time she was pregnant with Shai, the couple called him #BabyBrov. Moreover, his real name was only revealed after he came to the world. Similarly, in the early days of her second pregnancy, Loren announced that she and Alexei would be calling it “Baby Boten”. Well, the term “Boten” simply means “Peanut,” which was intended to be a cute way to refer the little baby. However, now that he is born, the Brovarniks are ready to reveal his real name.

In the caption of their first family photo together, the couple announced, “And then there were 4!!” Moreover, they requested their family, friends, and followers to “Please welcome ASHER NOAH BROVARNIK”. Almost all of the couple’s fans have liked the name of their second baby. One of the couple’s friends and digital creator, Alyssa Tabit Smith, said, “Shai & Asher are going to be the sweetest little BRO(V)’s !!” The newborn is already a celebrity amongst the 90 Day Fiance fanbase, and everyone is excited to see her grow into a stunning young boy. Do you like Baby Boten’s real name? Share your views in the comments below.

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