May 30, 2024
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Sonny Boy Episode 11: Will Nozomi Activate Her Power? Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 11

The title of Sonny Boy Episode 11 is “Boy and the Sea.” The tenth episode of the anime featured one of the major cliffhangers of the series. It ended with Nozomi falling off a cliff, and Asakaze even refused to give her a hand. Among all the students, Nozomi is the only one who hasn’t activated her power yet. Therefore, now it is possible that the sense of danger might activate her supernatural power, and she will use them to save herself. However, if this won’t happen, then it is certain that she will face her death.


So, what will happen next? Will someone else save Nozomi, or will she use her powers to save herself? Will she be able to come out of this situation alive? The next episode will provide answers to every single one of these questions, so here is everything to know about it. 

Sonny Boy Episode 11

Sonny Boy Episode 11: Plot Details

The forthcoming episode of the anime will pick up right from the cliffhanger ending of the tenth episode. She fell down the cliff after another drift, and it felt like the show wouldn’t survive. However, nobody knows yet what kind of supernatural ability she has. So, the chances are really great that she might finally activate her powers and save herself without anyone’s help. 

Sonny Boy Episode 11 might feature the unnamed girl revealing who is behind the drift since she can read everyone’s minds. Also, it will be interesting to see everyone’s reactions when they will learn that Akazaya refused to save Nozomi. The next episode of the anime might also shed some light on the ritual for which the team of Nagara tied and killed the hens. 

Sonny Boy Episode 11

Previous Episode Recap

In Episode 10 of Sonny Boy began with an unnamed girl finding out that her supernatural ability allowed her to read people’s minds. When there was a division of the teams, she decided to be with Ms. Aki’s team as she had a crush on Asakaze. Later, the episode featured Asakaze approached the girl to ask her about Nozomi. The girl read his mind and learned that he had been in love with Nozomi ever since their first drift.

She said something to Asakaze that made him stop chasing her. However, later this unnamed girl became friends with Nozomi, and the two of them enjoyed spending time together. By the end of the ep isode, a drift happened, and Nozomi fell down the cliff. She expected that Azakaya would save her, but that didn’t happen.

Sonny Boy Episode 11

Sonny Boy Episode 11: Release Date

Fans are desperately waiting for the next episode as it will reveal the fate of Nozomi. It will finally reveal whether Nozomi will die or activate her supernatural ability. Sonny Boy Episode 11 is all set to release on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Its new episodes are available to stream on Funimation and Hulu stream. 

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