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Family Guy Season 20: Releasing Soon! Trailer Breakdown, Baby Stewie’s First Words, More Details

Image: Fox

Family Guy Season 20 is ready to debut on Fox soon. However, creator Seth MacFarlane is not too happy about the show shifting a Fox. Previously, the show aired on Adult Swim for a fitting eighteen years since its debut in 1999. And, the final three episodes of Family Guy aired on the network on September 18. The fans thought of this as the end of the series.

However, Family Guy is switching broadcast networks and have been confirmed for season 20 and 21. In addition, Family Guy has also been ranked as the greatest night television cartoon of all time. Moreover, the series has also received 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

The network has also released a trailer for the upcoming season giving the fans a glimpse of what is coming next. Keep reading further to know all the details about the upcoming season.

Family Guy Season 20: Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for season 20 sees Stewie giving a fearful perspective of what happens inside a barbershop. Moreover, Stewie would work as Kevin Spacey’s matchmaker. Peter is seen making fun of Chris about being born on the highway because most accidents happen. Further, Peter becomes the first ninja cop of Quahog. Meanwhile, the Griffin family is planning to start a hotel while Stewie receives his first detention. In addition. Chris will find no trouble in buying a gun, while Lois hits one of Stewie’s enemies with her car, and Peter is seen delivering a TED talk.

Moreover, in the premiere episode, we will see the one-year-old Stewie speaking his first word. Funnily, the first word he utters is a swear word. Soon, Stewie will be swearing like Lead in not much time. The episode titles for the first three episodes of Family Guy Season 20 are “LASIK Instinct,” “Rock Hard,” and “Must Love Dogs.”

Who Will Feature In Season 20?

Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, and Alex Borstein will return as the voices of the Griffin Family for Family Guy Season 20. Moreover, Arif Zahir has joined season 20 to be the voice of Cleveland Brown after Mike Henry’s retirement. Henry retired from the shoW, acknowledging that a “pers on of color should play characters of color.” As a result, Arif will voice the whole season for the first time.

Image: Fox

Family Guy Season 20: Release Date

Earlier in September, Fox announced the renewal of Family Guy for seasons 20 and 21. As the show shifts to Fox, the latest episodes will air on Fxx and Freeform. Fox will release Family Guy Season 20 on September 26, 2021, at 9:30 P.M. ET. Morover, all the previous seasons of Family Guy will be available on Fxx for the fans to watch. The upcoming season will also stream on Hulu in the latter half. So get ready for another season of Family Guy, and don’t miss it.

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