What If...? Episode 9

What If…? Episode 9: Finale To Explore All The Loose Ends! Will Heroes Return?

Marvel’s What If…? has brought plenty of unfathomable scenarios to life while most of them remained unconnected to each other. But, the penultimate episode has finally promised to tie the concepts in What If…? Episode 9, leaving the door opens for a bigger picture in the next season. Will the finale explores the war in the multiverse? Further, can Watcher ever find Ultron, who’s gone invisible now? Let’s see!

What If…? Episode 9 Precap: How Things Will Tie Up?

What If…? Episode 9 will follow the aftermath of the eighth chapter where Watcher flees to Strange’s collapsed universe. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the head writer A.C. Bradley ensured that the finale would tie up the loose ends of the last episode. It will entirely focus on the Watcher and how it continues the story of Ultron. Now the central question that arrives here is whether or not the Watcher will break his oath.

Will he ever remain the Watcher despite the tragedies he faced in the last chapter?
Well, throughout the first season, it explored the standalone chapters. But the finale might answer every missing tag, including the Watcher who will meet his heroes in the finale. So the characters who were presumed dead in the previous chapters would return when Watcher faces off against Ultron.

Heroes Will Return

In the previous chapter, Ultron defeated the Avengers and killed almost entire humanity. But it’s believed that Captain Carter, Thor, T’Challa as Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange are still alive in Strange’s universe. Thus when Watcher arrives there, they might join the force against Ultron. Moreover, the finale might also explore Thor’s love story. Will Thor take responsibility for everything in the finale? What If Watcher and the heroes fail to defeat Ultron in the finale too? Only time will tell.

A Quick Recap!

In What If… Ultron Won? Ultron took control of Vision’s vibranium body as well as Mind Stone. It results in global havoc after Ultron defeated the Avengers. Elsewhere, Thanos arrived on Earth to finish the Infinity Gauntlet. But Ultron acquired the rest of the Infinity Stone by bisecting Thanos and using those stones to create a drone army. Shortly, Ultron wipes out the entire life in the universe before learning about the multiverse.

Meanwhile, Clint and Natasha, the only survivors of the Ultron universe, try to find Arnim Zola’s consciousness copy in Siberia to upload in the drone’s body. So they can destroy Ultron’s mind. But unfortunately, Ultron left their universe. Thus they failed to destroy Ultron’s hive mind. Meanwhile, Clint sacrificed himself so that Natasha and Zola could escape the other drones. On the other hand, Watcher ran to Strange Supreme’s collapsed universe while Ultron claimed control of Watcher’s observatory.

What If…? Episode 9: When Will It Return?

Initially, season 1 was supposed to have ten episodes. However, due to the pandemic-related delays, Marvel pushed the final episode for season 2. Thus the tenth episode will serve as the pilot episode of the second season. That hinting at the silent renewal of What If…? Season 2. Nevertheless, fans can catch the season finale this Wednesday, October 6, exclusively on Disney+ following a runtime of around half an hour. So, don’t miss it.


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