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What If…? Season 2: Will Explore Phase Four Characters’ Story Arc! Boss Teases More Details


While What If…? just aired its finale of alternate realities scenarios of the MCU films, the post-credit scenes hint at the fate of What If…? Season 2. Created by A.C. Bradley, the series explores various alternate timelines following the major moments of the MCU films. While each episode follows a standalone episode, the finale brought the superheroes together to battle against Ultron. However, even though the finale linked the threads together, the creator has promised that season 2 would be different from the first season.

What If…? Season 2: Is It Renewed For The Next Run?

Undoubtedly, yes! Marvel has confirmed that What If…? will return for the second season after the heroes save the world. Further, back in 2019, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced that What If… will have two seasons. Both seasons 1 and 2 will consist of ten episodes each. But the plan slightly changed due to pandemic-related issues as now both the seasons will consist of nine episodes each.

Soon before the finale premiered on the streaming platform, the executive producer Brad Winderbaum clarified the case in an interview with Collider. He said that they had to push the tenth episode of the first season into season 2 due to the COVID impact. Since the tenth episode wouldn’t hit the completion date. But fortunately, we are lucky enough to see that in the second season. Obviously, we have no clue what will happen next but, Brad envisioned the second season as the final release.

What If…? Season 2: Has Production Begun Yet?

In an interview, the series head writer AC Bradley said that all the episodes of season 2 have already been written. She confirmed that the upcoming season would follow the anthology form while exploring all-new stories, new heroes, lots of fun, and drawing more from Phase Four. So now, finally What If…? will explore the complete infinite multiverse. However, Bradley hasn’t teased when the animation on the next episodes will begin.

What If…? Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

The post-credit scene of the first season’s finale was the episode that everyone’s been curious to see. Peggy and Steve Rogers (in Hydra Stomper suit) feel more likely to mirror the memorable dance of The First Avenger in the finale of Avengers: Endgame. However, it will lead by a twist here as the first episode showed it was Steve who fell off the train during the fight-not Bucky Barnes.

It means Arnim Zola and HYDRA experimented on Steve, who’s alive, brainwashed, and will return as Captain Carter’s greatest enemies. So perhaps the next season could explore What If… Steve Rogers Was The Winter Soldier? Bradley has already teased in a statement that season 2 will focus on the heroes’ story while portraying their different sides, which fans never expected to watch.

Will Introduce New Heroes

While the first season explored the Avengers individual story arc, Bradley promised that season 2 would bring a lot of new heroes from Phase Four. Although she didn’t provide any further details of the characters, she teased every character from the multiverse will play a part. She further added that fans will get a glimpse of Eternals and Shang-Chi and some characters of the Black Widow in the next run.

What If…? Season 2: When Will It Return?

While the script of the second season has already wrapped up, the animation will take a long time to create. But Winderbaum ensured while speaking with Collider that they received an early renewal. Thus, they got plenty of time to produce season 2 while making the first season. So they have enough time to release the second season of What If… as early as 2022. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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