April 22, 2024
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Renewed By Hallmark? Who Will Be Abby’s Choice? Release Date And All Details

Chesapeake Shores Season 6

Hallmark’s highly acclaimed drama series, Chesapeake Shores has finished airing the fifth season. And fans have started wondering if the show will return for Chesapeake Shores Season 6. And, the concluding cliffhangers of the last season have left the dedicated fans curious about season 6. 


The first cliffhanger was Abby’s choice between the new billionaire in town, Evans, or teacher Jay. In the final moments, Abby left a voicemail to one of them saying, “we should give it a try.” Further, the finale ended with the fate of Conner hanging in the hair after he suffered a massive heart attack.

So, in the sixth season, we will finally see if Conner survives or the family goes through the loss of an important member. Further, fans will also get to know if Abby eventually gets along with Evan. Also, he seems to be a better option for her. And if the two get together, we can expect to see a lot of romance next season. Thus, the big question here is, will Chesapeake Shores return for Season 6? Here are all the details about the following season.

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Has Hallmark Renewed Chesapeake Shores ?

The fifth season had just finished airing on October 17, and fans want to know if the sixth installment has been renewed. Unfortunately, Hallmark has not renewed Chesapeake Shores for Season 6 yet. However, the fifth season was renewed in February 2021, way after the fourth season’s premiere in August 2019. Thus, fans can hope to witness the announcement for the sixth season in the coming months.

Unfortunately, the recent rating of the show as per TV Series Finale has dropped 46% percent this season. The fall in rating is a significant blow to the show’s reputation. But, the producer, Dan Paulson, expressed his desire for season 6 in a recent tweet. Dan thanked the loyal viewers for the support and said that he is looking forward to Chesapeake Shores Season 6. Thus, fans can expect to see a renewal soon.

Who Will Be In The Cast Next Season?

If Hallmark renews the show for season 6, Jesse Metcalfe as Trace Riley and Meghan Ory as Abby O’Brien are expected to return. Further, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, Andrew Francis, Daine Ladd, and Treat William are also expected to join the cast. Further, we will also see the return of Robert Buckley as Evan Kincaid, Abby’s new love interest in season 6. Some recurring stars will also feature in the next run if the show gets renewal.

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Chesapeake Shores Season 6: When Will The Series Return?

Hallmark is yet to announce the sixth installment of the series. And the renewal is expected to come in the upcoming months. The series has released all its seasons in October. So if the renewal comes by the end of 2021, or early-2022, we can expect Chesapeake Shores Season 6 to return in August 2022. So keep returning to know all about your favorite shows.

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