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The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6: Cory Play A Crucial Move To Save Hannah’s Reputation! Laura Replaces Alex For Presidential Debate

The Morning Show Season 2
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Bradley and Laura will face the repercussions of the deal between Cory and Fred in The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6. Cory and his lawyer will bargain with the Vault and supply the story about Bradley and Lauras’s relationship to drop Hanna’s story provided by Fred.

Meanwhile, the network will feel Alex’s absence as Laura will replace her during the presidential debates. Keep reading further to discover all the details about The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6.

Image: Apple TV+

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6 Precap: What Will Happen?

The sixth episode of The Morning Show Season 2 is titled “A Private Person.” In the absence of Alex, Bradley will take over as the host during the presidential debate at TMS. However, Alex’s absence will be felt at the network in the next episode. Further, to deal with Fred, Cory and his lawyer will have to give Bradley and Laura’s story to the Vault in exchange for not publishing Hannah’s story. Moreover, the sixth episode will introduce a new character. 

Bradley will get a surprise visit from her brother when the Vault publishes the story about her and Laura. Meanwhile, the network will try to find a temporary replacement for Alex. And Chip will suggest Laura’s name to be her replacement in the sixth episode of The Morning Show Season 2.

Image: Apple TV+

A Quick Recap!

The fifth episode titled “Ghosts” led to a huge revelation in The Morning Show Season 2. The episode kicked off with Cory and Fred debating on the phone. He told Fred to stop planting stories to defame Hannah. Further, the conversation revealed that Cory made a deal with Fred to overtake him as the CEO in return for a hefty severance package from the board. Moreover, Fred demanded the lawsuit against him be settled. If the case is not resolved, he will open up to the public about the deal he made with Cory.

Meanwhile, in The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 5, Alex prepared for the presidential debate after returning to TMS. Moreover, she was concerned about Maggie Brener’s book, which would destroy her and Mitch’s reputation. Audra broke the news about the book to Alex, as she found it hard to prepare for the event. Moreover, Cory received another shocking news about Laura and Bradley dating from his secretary.

Meanwhile, Cory visited Hannah’s father to settle. But, he refused and told Cory that they had managed to kill Fred’s story about Hannah at all publications except the Vault. In addition, Corey used Bradley and Laura’s secret to bargain the story to be crushed by the Vault. Towards the end, Alex found out that Chip talked to Maggie and discovered that Mitch had never answered Maggie’s questions. She was devastated and decided to give up the debate and returned to New York.

Image: Apple TV+

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 6: Premiere Date

The sixth episode of The Morning Show Season 2 will air on October 22, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. PT. Apple TV+ airs each new episode weekly on Fridays, with a runtime of around 60 minutes. So don’t miss the latest episode of The Morning Show and keep returning for more exciting updates.

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