April 13, 2024
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The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3: Boss Teases “I Never Say Never” On Doing Season 3! Know Release Date

The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3

This is the one thing we all can agree on: nothing can outweigh the love for horror, especially in the Halloween season. As for horror, we mean “The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3,” which is set to return soon. Recently, the series creator Mike Flanagan revealed what made him return and create The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3. Well, we can bet that the first two seasons were spooky as hell, especially the storyline and animation.


Created by Mike Flanagan, the series marks the first Haunting anthology on Netflix that explores the spookiness around a haunted house. The first season focused on five adult siblings who experienced paranormal activities the same day in a mysterious room of the manor. Meanwhile, the second season explored the weeping ghost story that starts forgetting her memories, resulting in creating the time loop trap. So, now that the creator is hoping to return, it’s better to get ready for some creepy chills.

The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3: Is It Happening?

If you had asked this question last year, then undoubtedly, the answer would be no. As the series creator Mike announced back in December that he had no plans to bring another season of this haunting anthology. But fortunately, he changed his mind. And now we’re getting another season of The Haunting Of The Hill House. Mike told Entertainment Weekly that if stars and everything align perfectly, then they plausibly return with season 3.

To keep things going, they need to be on track to create a perfect setup. Mike added that season 3 could only be possible if they get the right piece of intellectual property (IP). Well, by this, he meant the source just like the first two seasons, which are based on gothic ghost-centric literature. Shirley Jackson’s 1950s novel Hill House inspired The first season. While Henry James’ The Turn Of The Screw inspired the second season.

Mike Flanagan Looking For Original Source

In his interview with EW, Mike also shed light on the source material- as both the seasons were inspired by gothic literature. Further, Mike said that one thing that determines the Haunting anthology is its adaption from some classic literature. As of now, they don’t have such a source of material in his mind. But Mike shows his enthusiasm that probably sometime in the future, he would return with the third season.

The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3: Release Date

Mike told Hollywood Life that he has no plans for season 3. As he has so many projects to do right now. Thus there’s the slim possibility that The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 3 will return in the immediate future. But Mike added that The Haunting has a deep place in his heart. So indeed, he will return with more spookiness in the future. As of now, he is focusing on his new project Midnight Mass that aired on September 24 on Netflix.

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