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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5: A New Designer Drug Leads To A Zombie Apocalypse On Halloween, What’s Next?

The streets of LA are about to witness a Zombie apocalypse in The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5. The upcoming episode will depict a new crisis faced by Officer Nolan and his squad. In addition, they will be responsible for finding out the reason behind people acting strangely. Meanwhile, Lucy will deal with the possibility of ghosts present in her apartment building. 

The previous episode turned out to be a violent encounter for Nolan when he came across Russian agents. His investigation into a missing person’s case led him straight to a Russian FSB Safehouse. So, continue reading to discover all the details about The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5.

The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5 Preview: What Will Happen?

ABC has revealed the synopsis and a promo video for the upcoming episode titled “A.C.H.” The fifth episode of season 4 will be a Halloween-themed episode. The upcoming episode is about to witness the people of LA strangely turning into zombies and attacking each other. Moreover, the events that follow the occasion will keep Officer Nolan and his team guessing about the root cause of the epidemic.

It turns out that a new designer drug has hit the city’s streets, making people violent and blood-thirsty. The team will investigate the cause of the situation and face attacks from people who have lost their minds, creating havoc on the streets.

Moreover, more and more casualties will crowd the hospitals. In this situation, Officer Nolan will have to step up and deal with the problem, as the lives of innocent people are at stake. Meanwhile, Lucy is paranoid about the idea of ghosts. She will find herself questioning the presence of a ghost in her building in The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5.

Image: ABC

A Quick Recap!

The third episode of The Rookie Season 4 began with Nolan and Bailey bickering about their professions, trying to prove superiority. These encounters continued throughout the episode, with the introduction of Russian spies. Nolan told her about the spies, and she found it hard to believe. Eventually, she found herself kidnapped by Katherine. Meanwhile, Nolan and the team’s investigation led them to the Russian safe house, and they managed to rescue Bailey.

Further, the fourth episode saw the return of Lopez after her maternity leave. The small plot depicted the hardships of being a professional and a mother simultaneously. However, Lopez seemed to have a grip on the situation for now. Moreover, the sniper killer’s storyline continued with no real conclusion in The Rookie Season 4 Episode 4. Also, Wesley seemed to be still paying the debts of Elijah. He gave Elijah inside information about a client who was about to testify against him.

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The news resulted in Elijah ordering to kill the client. In addition, Harper’s investigation into the serial arsonist led her to a threatening situation. She chased the suspect alone, with no backup. The response could have led her to a deadly end. However, she seemed to have survived the mess. Moreover, Thorsen and Chen bonded together while discussing Officer West’s death.

The Rookie Season 4 Episode 5: Premiere Date

The fifth episode of The Rookie Season 5 will air on October 31, 2021. ABC airs each latest episode weekly on Sundays, at 10/9c. Moreover, fans can stream the series on ABC’s official website and Hulu. So, prepare yourself for a fascinating episode of The Rookie and return for more informative updates about your preferred TV shows.

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